Achieved with CRYENGINE: SNOW - The Ultimate Edition
Achieved with CRYENGINE: SNOW - The Ultimate Edition

Achieved with CRYENGINE: SNOW - The Ultimate Edition

Head to the slopes as SNOW, the open-world winter sports game, relaunches on Steam.

Wasted Studios and Poppermost Productions are relaunching SNOW with a premium paid version of the game, SNOW - The Ultimate Edition, out now on Steam. SNOW - The Ultimate Edition includes all the free and paid content from the free-to-play version of the game, including unlocking the entire mountain and more. SNOW invites you to carve your way through a vast handcrafted mountain playground called Sialia on skis, snowboard, and snowmobile using a realistic physics system that delivers an authentic winter sports experience. You’ll feel the powder beneath you as you explore the mountain or compete in 36 events, including an officially licensed X Games competition, with your fully customizable character.

SNOW - The Ultimate Edition now provides an offline experience, and the current free-to-play model is being retired. There are no micro-transactions in SNOW - The Ultimate Edition and all items and content can be unlocked as you shred your way through the game. The release marks the first milestone of a new development roadmap of features and expansions for SNOW from Wasted Studios and Poppermost Productions. In addition to featuring all the content from the free-to-play version, the game has also been updated to the latest version of CRYENGINE for improved performance, including taking advantage of SVOGI technology for visual improvements, now includes Razer Chroma effects to enhance your experience on Chroma-enabled devices, and ships with numerous bug fixes for a more stable experience.

Christian Söllner, Managing Director of Wasted Studios, said: “SNOW has a lot of potential but listening to the community’s reviews and responses, the free-to-play monetization model, including in-app-purchases, wasn’t right for the game or players. SNOW - The Ultimate Edition now includes all the content from the free-to-play game, provides offline play, and gives us a solid foundation to develop future content and improvements, which will help us achieve our goal of creating the most realistic and expansive winter sports game available. This relaunch is just the beginning.”

Alexander Bergendahl, Co-founder & CEO of Poppermost Productions, said: “It's great to see the progress Wasted Studios have made with SNOW by continuing to keep the game community happy and engaged with new updates. The partnership with Crytek is invaluable and we are always excited to see the power of CRYENGINE on the mountains.”

Daniel Garcia Prieto, Business Development Manager for CRYENGINE, said: “We’re excited to continue our partnership with the talented development teams at Wasted Studios and Poppermost Productions. SNOW is a real labor of love for them and their passion for winter sports shines through in the game. We’re excited about the launch of SNOW - The Ultimate Edition and supporting future developments coming to the game.”

SNOW - The Ultimate Edition is available on Steam, so pick up your copy now and for more detail about the changes we mentioned, check out the update article over on Steam.

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