CRYENGINE Game Awards 2020 - Vote for your favorite!
CRYENGINE Game Awards 2020 - Vote for your favorite!

CRYENGINE Game Awards 2020 - Vote for your favorite!

Vote for your favorite independent CRYENGINE game released in 2020 and win Crytek merch & free games!

We’re hugely proud of the independent developers and licensees who choose to use CRYENGINE to achieve their vision. Today, we launch our CRYENGINE Indie Game of the Year 2020 contest, and we’re inviting you to cast your vote. As usual, we are doing our GotY voting in early January as we know from experience that great games are sometimes released until the very last days of a year.

We’ve picked a shortlist of qualifying titles from independent developers who released their game during the 2020 calendar year, choosen by our team at Crytek, but it’s down to you to select our champion. Check out the nominees and then head to the forum to vote for which game you think should win. Leave a comment explaining which game is your favorite, and you’ll also be in with a chance of winning a voucher to spend on merch at the Crytek store. If you haven’t played all of the games on our list, stay tuned to our social channels to find out how you can win a free game key, as we’ll be running giveaways for each of these special games during the voting period.

Voting closes on February 5, and the winning game will be announced on February 8. Our CRYENGINE IGotY showcase page hosts information about each game, and a link to Steam where you can check it out. Voting takes place on the forums and that's also where you will find those all-important terms and conditions. Without further ado, we reveal our nominees below:



ColdSide is a tense psychological horror game created by AdroVGames, run by CRYENGINE community member Andrey, a one-man-development team. Face down fear and hold your nerve on a chilling adventure dripping with atmosphere.


Racing Glider

Racing Glider reinvents the futuristic racing game classics by delivering rally-inspired tracks set in beautiful environments. Developed by solo developer and CRYENGINE community member Merhunes, conquer over 50 tracks as you race anti-gravity vehicles at breakneck speeds.


Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem is an ambitious action RPG with fast-paced combat based on weapon combos. Uncover ancient truths, hidden secrets, and pick up loot as you become a shape-shifting avatar of destruction.


Head to the forum to cast your vote, and stayed tuned for updates on Facebook and Twitter.

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