CRYENGINE Game of the Year 2021 Nominee: Uninvited Guest
CRYENGINE Game of the Year 2021 Nominee: Uninvited Guest

CRYENGINE Game of the Year 2021 Nominee: Uninvited Guest

Uninvited Guest is the star of devcom's Vertical Slice show tomorrow as part of the CRYENGINE Game of the Year 2021 awards.

Voting for the CRYENGINE Game of the Year 2021 awards is in full swing, and you still have until Jan 31 to register your vote! Our team chose The Alien Cube, Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2, and Uninvited Guest from independent developers and licensees who released CRYENGINE games last year. By picking your favorite and leaving a comment explaining your choice, you could win a voucher for merch from the Crytek store! You can find out more about each game by visiting our dedicated campaign page.

Uninvited Guest is in the spotlight this week. Tomorrow devcom's Vertical Slice show on Twitch, hosted by Astrid Gooding, Head of Events at devcom, and André Bernhardt, Managing Director at Indie Advisor, will be joined by CRYENGINE Brand Manager Gabriel Yakir Ketteler and CRYENGINE Junior Technical Evangelist Roman Perezogin to stream and discuss the game. You can also win free game codes, which will be given out during the show, so subscribe to devcom's Twitch channel and tune in to learn more about Uninvited Guest and win a free copy of the game.

And the day after the Vertical Slice show Roman will be streaming Uninvited Guest and offering you yet more chances to win a free game key! Subscribe to our official CRYENGINE Twitch channel to join in the action.

Uninvited Guest is from the one-person development team AdroVGames. It is a first-person psychological horror game set in 1930, and the protagonist is a poor villager struggling to put food on the table and look after their daughter. When the daughter falls seriously ill, only expensive medicine can save her, but a chance encounter with a traveling art collector promises salvation. A painting is rumored hidden in a nearby abandoned mansion, and there is a large reward on offer for its recovery. However, the search for the painting turns into a terrifying journey through an estate full of dark secrets and hidden horrors where terror is never far away.

Uninvited Guest immerses you in a seriously chilling adventure with beautiful graphics and a horrifying soundscape. The game is packed with freakish scares throughout, and you never know what awaits you around the next corner.

Will Uninvited Guest get your vote?

Cast your vote by heading to the forum and leaving a comment about why you chose your CRYENGINE Game of the Year 2021 winner. And don't forget to subscribe to devcom's official Twitch channel and the official CRYENGINE Twitch channel to win game keys and learn more about each game.

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