CRYENGINE Summer Academy Episode 2 is out now!
CRYENGINE Summer Academy Episode 2 is out now!

CRYENGINE Summer Academy Episode 2 is out now!

Learn how to quickly prototype levels and mechanics in our engine.

The next installment of our CRYENGINE Summer Academy, hosted by Junior Evangelist Roman Perezogin, is out now. Learn simple ways to use our engine's Designer tool, known as Cry Designer, to prototype levels and gameplay quickly and easily.

The CRYENGINE Summer Academy is a fifteen-part series aimed at both newcomers to CRYENGINE and those with an intermediate level of experience, showing you the fundamentals of game development for all kinds of projects. The series uses Breeze, a prototype platforming game featuring a beautiful, stylized island, as a learning aid. Throughout the series, Roman is accompanied by members of our team who have created award-winning Crytek games to provide additional insight, tips, tricks, advice, and tutorials.

In today's episode, Roman gives a practical and accessible overview of the Cry Designer tool, which will help you prototype levels and mechanics. In the video, you'll watch and learn as Roman creates a small house that the player can climb on and around using simple platforming game movements. Roman also sets up a classic game mechanic idea – grabbing a key that will unlock a chest nearby – all using the Cry Designer tool. These simple demonstrations provide you with game development fundamentals that you can apply to more complex projects.

If you're new to the series, start at the beginning with episode 1, which introduces the concept behind Breeze, its gameplay and covers some basic development techniques, including making a character move. In the first episode, Roman is joined by a very special guest, Matthias Otto, Principal Level Designer, who prototyped and worked on our original award-winning rock climbing game The Climb and its out-now sequel, The Climb 2!

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