CRYENGINE Summer Academy: Stylized Particle Effect Tutorial
CRYENGINE Summer Academy: Stylized Particle Effect Tutorial

CRYENGINE Summer Academy: Stylized Particle Effect Tutorial

Senior VFX Artist Viktor Ikkes joins Junior Evangelist Roman Perezogin for an invaluable 90-minute particle effect tutorial.

Welcome to episode 11 of the CRYENGINE Summer Academy, focusing on particle effects and using our engine’s Particle Editor. The CRYENGINE Summer Academy is a series aimed at newcomers to CRYENGINE and those with some game dev experience, using a platforming game called Breeze as a learning aid. If you’re new to the series, we have listed all episodes released so far below.

In today’s episode, Junior Evangelist Roman Perezogin is joined by Senior VFX Artist Viktor Ikkes for an in-depth 90-minute presentation all about particles. The video reverse engineers the process that Viktor used to create the soaring seagulls that you can see in Breeze. You’ll be taken through each of the features used to create the seagulls, and Viktor explains what each process does to bring the simulation alive. This practical tutorial shows you methods and techniques to apply to your own projects and includes tips and insights about creating particles and using CRYENGINE’s Particle Editor that will be invaluable for anyone using our engine.

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