Crytek’s The Climb Coming to Oculus Quest
Crytek’s The Climb Coming to Oculus Quest

Crytek’s The Climb Coming to Oculus Quest

Frankfurt (Germany), October 23, 2018 – Prepare to conquer mountains when Crytek’s VR solo rock climbing game, The Climb, comes to Oculus Quest in 2019. Oculus Quest will allow players to experience the stunning views and challenging rock faces of Crytek’s award-winning VR climbing experience with no wires, and no PC.

“VR and rock climbing are a perfect combination, one that allows anyone to experience the intensity and thrill of one of the world’s most extreme sports from virtually anywhere,” said Crytek Producer Fatih Özbayram. “We are excited to be bringing The Climb to Oculus Quest players next year—this is something everyone should see. The combination of CRYENGINE visuals, the intuitive nature of using Touch controls, and the versatility of Oculus Quest will give players an incredible virtual experience.”

The Climb invites players to explore breathtaking virtual worlds as they scale sheer cliff faces and explore rock climbing playgrounds inspired by real-life locations titled Alps, Canyon, Bay, North. The Climb also features tutorials and a procedurally generated endless climbing wall for practice runs, plus six intensive bouldering routes to beat. Players can use Tourist mode to explore each new environment with simplified mechanics, allowing beginners and veterans to quickly find their climbing flow or casual players to enjoy the scenery or show to friends and family. An additional multiplayer mode allows virtual climbers to compete against other players and send challenges to their friends.

The Climb is built on CRYENGINE, Crytek’s cutting-edge, all-in-one game development platform. The rendering power of the engine and its consistent, high frame-rate performance ensures that players feel fully immersed in The Climb’s beautiful landscapes. Developers everywhere can harness the power of CRYENGINE, and take advantage of production-proven, VR-optimized features, by visiting

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Crytek is an independent videogame developer, publisher, and technology provider dedicated to pushing the boundaries of gaming with its cutting-edge 3D game development solution CRYENGINE. With headquarters in Frankfurt am Main (Germany) and studios in Kiev (Ukraine), and Istanbul (Turkey), Crytek has created multiple award-winning titles, including the original Far Cry, the Crysis series, Ryse: Son of Rome, Warface, The Climb, Robinson: The Journey and Hunt: Showdown. Crytek delivers fun and innovative gaming experiences for PC, consoles, and VR and continues to grow its reach in the games-as-a-service market. Every Crytek game is created with CRYENGINE, which can be used by anyone to create games.

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