Introduction to the Sandbox Editor
Introduction to the Sandbox Editor

Introduction to the Sandbox Editor

Master CRYENGINE's Sandbox Editor with a presentation hosted by our Learning Manager, Brian Dilg.

The Sandbox Editor is the heart of video game development with CRYENGINE. In our latest CRYENGINE Master Class, Brian Dilg delivers an in-depth introduction to the Sandbox Editor in a video lasting a little over 90 minutes. This Master Class is an essential watch for complete newcomers or those of you with some experience of the engine and game development, and provides a crash course to developing games with CRYENGINE.

In the presentation, Brian showcases each of the Sandbox Editor's core elements, providing you with a comprehensive overview of the interface. The video demonstrates how to create new levels at the very beginning of a new project and shows you how to use the camera, manipulate assets, use entity components, add physics, and much more. You will see how to paint terrain, create water, use the Material and Vegetation Editors, set the graphics quality, monitor performance, and use layers effectively.

Alongside a demonstration of features, Brian advises on organizing and managing your work with the Sandbox Editor so that you can develop an effective workflow, whether you are developing alone or as part of a team.

To follow along with the tutorial, you'll need to download the GameSDK Sample Project from the CRYENGINE Marketplace, which will provide you with all the assets you require.

If you are new to CRYENGINE, you can follow up this presentation with our beginner's course, which covers some of the same ground and shows you how to create an entire game from scratch with our engine. We also recommend the Environment Editor and Physics Constraints tutorials to help you build out your knowledge further.

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February 18, 2021 20:49

58:30 [Environment Probe]
Brian " If i put other shine object in a scene, i will have corect specular reflections and i will fix black shadows"

Brian, if you turn off sun light and rebake your Probe, you will end up with black specular reflections, but fixed shadows, yeah.. but what about objects PBR? .. its broken !

February 18, 2021 20:35

You know it is things like this Post that boost our confidence level as cryengine developers.
Great work, bravo!