CRYENGINE GameSDK Sample Project
by Crytek

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Engine release version 5.6
Geometry Polygonal
UV mapped
UV type Mixed
Zipped size 4.13GB
Unzipped size 4.26GB
63 Assets

Previously available as the default project within CRYENGINE, the CRYENGINE GameSDK Sample Project is a sample project that developers can use to learn how to create their own first-person games (shooters, role-playing games etc).

All Crytek assets are covered under the CRYENGINE Limited License Agreement.

January 15, 2021

Очень классные модели!

November 09, 2020
More Materials/Shaders

Check out this page:fef

October 20, 2020

how do you open

July 04, 2020
having trouble importing

I downloaded this, tried to import it buy said "No project configuration file" Is this normal, if it is how will i fix it. If it isn't. Please i need help

May 09, 2020
having trouble

it doesnt really say how to implement into a project i watched videos on how but they dont work either please reply if you know how to put this into a projevct

April 15, 2020
useful for any user of the engine

good tool to explore the engine

March 06, 2020

how i download this

November 17, 2019
The best engine on the market

Great work!

October 01, 2019
Project sdk does not execute

Hey! I'm new to cryengine and wanted to explore it out of curiousity.I have downloaded cryengine5.6.2 cryengine and sample game sdk but when I launch the sdk as a project, it just displays executing and then nothing happens. Am I missing something her? Any kind of help would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance!

September 30, 2019
cant load it in

you guys keep attempting to explain to people how to load this cool scene (file,er,whatever) into something, the launcher?? the editor?? but allll of the answers aren't even in either the browser nor the launcher. there is no "add" anything anywhere, there is no file it can find when you attempt to use the "import", which no one here seems to mention? I'm in 5.6.2, how EXAC TLY do you get this cool scene (SDK, whatever?) to actually load up into ... well, anything??? I love what Cryengine can put out, but wowsers!!! is it really THIS hard just to load in a file???? You'd think you just would go, File>blah blah blah, like you do in every other p[rogram on the planet, but nope! nothing like that seems to exist.
Please, can someone tell how you "really" load this file? And I mean in the current version, as it seems maybe you all are referring to possible earlier versions or something that maybe had differing interfaces??
thanx tons..just spent over two hours trying to load in ANY of the cool things from the assests secion, where I DO see all the stuff there, just no obvious way to get them loaded. :)

All Crytek assets are covered under the CRYENGINE Limited License Agreement

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