GalaxSys Sample Project

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Engine release version 5.7.1
Geometry Unknown
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UV type Unknown
Zipped size 12.56MB
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GalaxSys is a bright and vibrant all-action twin-stick shooter sample and was developed in a short amount of time by just a few people at CRYENGINE. Give the game a whirl and check out the project for yourself to discover how it was put together, expand on it, or re-imagine it as you wish.

Credits for GalaxSys:
Viktor Ikkes: VFX/3D Artist and Level Designer
Alex Klinger: Gameplay Programmer and Gameplay Mechanics Designer
Christian Schilling: Audio designer/Producer
Jeremy Wade: Gameplay Programmer/UI Designer

Read more about GalaxSys, including picking up tips on how to get the most out of investigating the sample project, on our blog.

For documentation on the GalaxSysSample Project head over to the GalaxSys Documentation.

You will get the most out of this sample project if you are already comfortable with using CRYENGINE. If you are entirely new to CRYENGINE, we recommend you download our beginner’s course and/or learn from our beginners YouTube playlists.

December 15, 2021
very cool cryrngine

this is awesom

February 17, 2021

You know, for years I've been looking for the perfect app to pursue my gaming career. I've tried scratch, kodu, and others but just couldnt find the one. Cryengine has given me it. I've started using cryengine and i hope it will give me what I'm looking for.
God bless Crytek, and God bless Cryengine.

July 26, 2020

Could You Guys Be More Open In Sharing How To Actually Script A Character And Move The Character And Play Animations And Particle Effects And Attachments Like Ripple Effect And Such Truly Through Scripting And NOT Outside Of The Engine? Thanks!

December 10, 2019

Great mini game. Thank you

May 19, 2022

April 05, 2022

January 17, 2022

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