Audio Showcase Level

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Engine release version 5.5.2
Geometry Polygonal
UV mapped
UV type Unknown
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The Audio Showcase sample level demonstrates what you can achieve with CRYENGINE’s audio system. The sample level is the completed end result of our free new tutorial which takes you step-by-step through the process of implementing ambient sounds in a pre-designed level using SDL Mixer, FMOD Studio, and Wwise.

During the four-part tutorial, you will learn how to create audio triggers in the Audio Controls Editor, place them in your game, and tweak properties such as delay and attenuation. You’ll also learn how to use the Create Object tool for defining area-specific audio, add sounds to player animations with the Character Tool, link sounds to particle effects with the Particle Editor, and adjust ambiance based on the time of day with the Environment Editor.

By downloading the sample, you can investigate the completed tutorial project at your leisure.

You can access the full tutorial, including all required assets, right here.


This marketplace package contains the level and asset files only. We recommend creating a new First Person Template project via the CRYENGINE Launcher, then copying these files into your project (overwriting any files when prompted to do so).

January 17, 2022

All Crytek assets are covered under the CRYENGINE Limited License Agreement

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