A Deer Project - Tutorial Showcase

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The Deer Project tutorial series shows you how to integrate character models, including animations, into the existing player entity in the C++ third-person template. The course so far includes two videos hosted by Learning Manager Brian Dilg, written documentation, and includes free assets. You’ll be taken through each step of the simple and short process and by the end of the course you’ll be able to import and animate your own characters in CRYENGINE.

The course assumes a limited working knowledge of CRYENGINE. If you’re an absolute beginner, check out our Flappy Boid course which shows you how to create a complete game in CRYENGINE from scratch, with no programming knowledge or prior experience.

Techniques covered in the course:

• Importing a character model

• Importing and adjusting animations

• Adding a skeleton

• Changing the third-person model to the provided deer or hazmat model

• Changing animations

• Testing the character

• Creating the logic behind the control of the animations on the player

• Testing and tweaking animations and transitions

This course requires CRYENGINE 5.5.

This asset shows a completed level using only the FBX pipeline to replace and import a character and additional models, textures, and animations into the a customized template.

Updates to the Deer Project on 24/01/2019:

• Added the hazmat character

• Added the functionality to switch between the deer (from part 1) and the hazmat character (from part 2) by pressing F1 when in-game.

• The GamePlugin class was refactored and the character management code was moved into a separate unit, this allows the combination of the third-person template and isometric template controls in the same level.

• Added 3 fixed cameras to the asset_zoo level switchable using the number keys

January 17, 2022

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