Join us as devcom 2020 goes digital
Join us as devcom 2020 goes digital

Join us as devcom 2020 goes digital

Level up with live tutorials from Crytek staff and virtually meet our team as we bring the CRYENGINE Summer Academy to devcom digital 2020.

Sadly, we can’t be present to meet you at devcom this year. However, we are delighted to launch the CRYENGINE Summer Academy as part of a comprehensive range of talks and learning opportunities at devcom digital 2020. And you’ll also be able to meet with us virtually at our new digital booth! Taking place from August 17 to August 30, devcom digital will feature over 100 speakers, 60 dedicated talks, two digital expos, and it will all be broadcast to the comfort of your own home via the Pine app.


We’re proud to be involved in this fantastic event, which acts as an online global hub for the worldwide game development community, and features expert talks and networking opportunities with experienced game devs. Ticket prices begin at just 40 Euro for students, so get involved, get online, and connect with Crytek staff members and attend an amazing schedule of live CRYENGINE virtual learning sessions. Devcom offers rooms to virtually connect with industry veterans and peers, features 100+ talks and other exciting events as well as a job fair and many more virtual booths with exhibitors.


A new format for the conference requires a new approach, so let’s give you some more details about our new CRYENGINE Summer Academy, which will run during devcom 2020.  Our program will be hosted by Learning Manager, Brian Dilg, and Roman Perezogin, a former indie game developer and one of our Junior Technical Designers. Alongside a range of experienced CRYENGINE developers, engineers, and special guests, they will present a variety of practical and approachable workshops covering different aspects of CRYENGINE and game development. You can get in touch during the stream or even schedule a meeting at our digital booth when you are attending devcom.


Ten live streaming sessions are planned, where we build a game from scratch together; each featuring a guest of honor to share their real-world expertise, and real-world stories, covering the tools and features of our engine that will help you achieve your vision.  From absolute beginners to more experienced developers, the CRYENGINE Summer Academy will arm you with industry-standard techniques accompanied by insight from experts in their fields. We’ll be covering everything from your first steps with the engine to designing gameplay mechanics, lighting, modeling, adding audio, debugging, and tips and tricks around marketing and publishing for indie developers.


During devcom 2020, we’ll also be launching our official CRYENGINE Twitch channel as a new way to interact with the community and our staff. Stay tuned for more details on that.

Head over to for all the details, and get registered for what promises to be a great new format for this leading games conference.

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