Miscreated: Canyonlands DLC
Miscreated: Canyonlands DLC

Miscreated: Canyonlands DLC

CRYENGINE-powered Miscreated recently received a new expansion called Canyonlands. We spoke to Terry Evans from Entrada to find out more.

Miscreated is a beautiful multiplayer hardcore survival game set in a post-apocalyptic future, where you must fight to survive against mutants, other players, and even against Mother Nature herself. The CRYENGINE-powered open-world game recently released its Canyonlands DLC, which expands the game with a new environment based on a fictional Navajo-style desert. Up to 50 players play on a server, fighting unpredictable weather, hostile animals, mutant hordes, and each other with new weapons, gear, and vehicles. We spoke to Terry Evans, CEO of developer Entrada Interactive, to find out more.

Hey Terry, thanks for joining us. It's been over a year since the launch of Miscreated. How has the game evolved?

Miscreated continues to be actively developed since leaving early access. There have been several updates released since that time, as well as our new Canyonlands DLC. The updates have added many new events, weapons, clothes, base-building variations, bug fixes, features, and just general refinements to the game.

What can players expect in the new DLC, Canyonlands?

The Canyonlands map is very different from our Islands map. The Islands map is all lush and green with an enormous amount of vegetation and larger cities, but the Canyonlands map is desert-themed with sparse, desert-style vegetation and just a few smaller settlements. It is also a smaller map, which increases the likelihood and frequency of encountering other players. The new map also introduces some unique clothing, weapons, AI, and structures that are more suitable for the desert and don't spawn on the default Islands map.

What was your inspiration for taking players into the desert?

Canyonlands was the original title for Miscreated when it was initially being developed, and the map at that time was based on the Canyonlands national park. So, it's a homage to the origins of the game. We also wanted a new experience for the players to enjoy - something drastically different from the Islands map.

How has CRYENGINE helped you deliver this new DLC?

The Canyonlands DLC is built on top of the modding support in CRYENGINE, with some additional custom modifications that we implemented. It is essentially one big mod.

What are you and the team most proud of when you look back over the development of Miscreated?

We are very proud of the community that has formed around the game - some truly wonderful and amazing fans. There are people we have never met in person, but that have been around our community for many years providing us with valuable feedback and input on the game. Some of those people even ended up helping us as community moderators and official testers of the game, for which we are very grateful. As a development team, we have also formed internal friendships that I hope last for a lifetime. They are an amazing, dedicated bunch of individuals who have been working together for several years. Thank you to all the fans and team members of the game!

How has the community helped shaped the development of the game?

Throughout the early access process, and since our release from it, we've had a very active player community that is always providing us with useful feedback. We've done our best to listen to their feedback and, if that feedback is aligned with our game development vision, then we've implemented, or altered, features based on the player's input. With the addition of modding support, our community has also added a lot of content that they desired to be in the game, which has helped add diversity to a lot of player-run servers.

What's the future for Miscreated?

In the near-term, we will be expanding some of the areas of the Canyonlands map, some of it based on player feedback, so there will be more areas to explore. At the current time, there are no further plans for an additional DLC, but we would like to release a smaller map that would be more PvP based for players that would rather play PvP than focus on the survival aspects of the game.

Cheers, Terry! 

Discover more about Miscreated by visiting https://www.miscreatedgame.com/ and pick up the original game and the new DLC on Steam.

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