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Check out our interview with CRYENGINE community member Merhunes about Racing Glider which is out now on Steam.

Racing Glider reinvents the futuristic racing game classics by delivering rally-inspired tracks set in beautiful environments. The game has received its full release after a successful early access period and it is the second game from Merhunes following the platformer Rolling Sun. Racing Glider is yet another brilliant example of what a solo developer can achieve with our engine, and we spoke to Merhunes to find out more about the game, the development experience, and discover tips for other one-man-band outfits.

Thanks for joining us and congratulations on the release of Racing Glider! What can players expect in Racing Glider now it has launched?

Now that Racing Glider has launched, it includes 52 circuits on which the player will be able to race on to obtain medals. Medals are essential to progress in the game and unlock new circuits. There are two very different types of vehicles in Racing Glider and each has its own gameplay and, therefore, different circuits. The heart of the game is the mastery of inertia, driving, and vehicle physics.

My favorite aspect of the game is the mix between the rally and the Wipeout style of gameplay. I really like the idea of racing at full speed across different terrain and paths. I think it’s what sets Racing Glider apart from other games in the racing genre.

What are the main improvements you have made from early access to launch?

The most important improvement is the addition of the second vehicle, the Mantis Glider. It is a vehicle capable of racing across many different types of terrain. Also, 15 circuits were added to the game. As well as a number of options, I also added the ultimate challenge with a diamond medal on offer, and the menu has been revised. And of course, there was a lot of work done on optimization, stability, physics, and the simulation of the vehicles.

Racing Glider is your second solo game, and you’ve been involved in the community for a long time. What’s your history with CRYENGINE and Crytek?

My story with CRYENGINE started over ten years ago with Sandbox 2 from the game Crysis. I began by making simple maps, some of which were popular like Hunter's Life. This is what made me want to go further. I worked on several game projects and mods like Recon Arcade, Crash Bandicoot Returns, and Butterfly that you may have seen on the CRYENGINE forums a long time ago. Then I started to understand that the engine combined with the skills I had acquired meant that I could create a game on my own. So I developed Rolling Sun, and I would say that this is where things really started to happen. Crytek noticed me and my work, and they really helped me.

Some people at Crytek gave their time to help me and advised me about the release of Rolling Sun. I think in particular of Erla, but, obviously, many others too. Even some members of the voluntary community like Lavizh have supported me a lot. I always appreciate the help and the welcome that I received from the Crytek team, whether for technical aspects or for advice. It's great to feel that a company is looking at your work and supporting you as a solo developer.

How did the community help you during the development of Racing Glider?

The community really played a role in development. I received a lot of constructive advice, and it allowed me to change things and even discover issues that I had not seen from the same perspective as a player. The community reacted rather well to the launch, and I am happy and encouraged. I have received some touching comments from people who have been following Racing Glider since the start of early access. When you work alone, it really gives you a boost.

What were the main CRYENGINE features that made a difference for you?

There were many! I would say in this case that CRYENGINE’s vehicle editor and physics were essential to the development of Racing Glider. The vehicle editor is straightforward to use and allows you to modify the parameters and reactions of a vehicle in great detail. I am also obliged to cite Flowgraph, as well as the Time of Day system. Flowgraph is great for simplified programming, and the Time of Day system makes lighting and rendering a real pleasure.

What tips would you give to solo developers?

I think if there is one essential thing to do when you want to embark upon a solo development, it's to think again and again about game design on paper before you get into the project. It is necessary to reduce your game concept to the essential principles of game design. Define the basic foundation of the gameplay, such as "breaking things," "avoiding things,” "jumping," and so on. It is important to make your game fun to play with just the basics of the gameplay. That means you can add things on top of a solid base. If your game needs a lot of elements to become fun, it means that its foundation may need improving. I think it's about keeping the power of your imagination and dreams while balancing it with the realities of production.

Now Racing Glider has launched, what do you plan to move on to next?

This is the big question I ask myself! I have several possibilities. I like the idea of getting into a new game. I think that is really what I would like to do because I already have a few ideas in mind.

However, continuing to improve Racing Glider further also appeals to me. I think it will depend a lot on the success of the game and the support of the community. Either way, I hope to be able to present new exciting things later this year!

Cheers, Merhunes!

You can check out Racing Glider’s unique fusion of Wipeout-style gameplay on rally-inspired tracks by buying the game on Steam right now.

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