Save the date: AMA with Arto Ruotsalainen
Save the date: AMA with Arto Ruotsalainen

Save the date: AMA with Arto Ruotsalainen

Join us next week, February 8, at 5:30 PM GMT+1 for an hour-long AMA with CRYENGINE General Manager Arto Ruotsalainen on our official Discord channel.

Towards the end of last year, we revealed the CRYENGINE 5.7 roadmap and plans for the future of our engine. As part of that announcement, CRYENGINE General Manager, Arto Ruotsalainen, shared his vision for CRYENGINE and invited community members to a live AMA on our official Discord channel.

That Q&A was due to be held today, but sadly we must postpone this AMA until next week. Arto, who has asked us to share this information with you, was given an appointment for his Covid booster jab yesterday and has since come down with a fever as a side effect. As he wants to make sure he can give it his all when he's meeting with the CRYENGINE user base, the AMA will take place next week on Tuesday, Feb 8, 5:30 PM GMT+1 and last approximately one hour.

This short postponement does give you more time to submit your questions in advance via the #ama-questions channel on the CRYENGINE Discord. We'd also invite all of you to check out questions that have been submitted already and react to the ones you would like to see answered most. That means we can prioritize the areas that are most important to you during the session.

We hope you can understand the reason for this short postponement and appreciate your patience. We’re excited to see as many of you as possible next week during the live AMA session. As mentioned, please react to those questions on the Discord channel and submit your own so we can make this hour-long AMA as valuable and insightful for you as possible.

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