The Alien Cube Launches Today
The Alien Cube Launches Today

The Alien Cube Launches Today

Stunning solo-developed game demonstrates the power of CRYENGINE

Frankfurt (Germany), October 14, 2021 – The Alien Cube, the Lovecraftian spiritual successor to The Land of Pain, launches today on Steam and the Epic Games Store. Powered by CRYENGINE and developed by indie creator Alessandro Guzzo, The Alien Cube places players in the role of Arthur, who must find out the truth about the mysterious disappearance of his uncle Edgar, the protagonist from The Land of Pain. Gamers will embark on a journey of disturbing discovery through otherworldly places where dark nightmares, cosmic horrors, and horrifying visions await.

Players can watch the latest trailer to see The Alien Cube in action or download a free demo from Steam.

Heavily influenced by H.P. Lovecraft’s stories, The Alien Cube presents tense and terrifying investigation and survival gameplay throughout. To solve the mystery, players seek out clues, solve puzzles, and survive hostile weather conditions and horrifying locations, from snowy mountains to forgotten dungeons.

Photogrammetry technology combines with CRYENGINE’s renowned graphical power to produce beautiful visuals and immerse players in the game. An absorbing soundtrack further engages players in a true Lovecraftian experience.

The Alien Cube is a powerful example of how CRYENGINE can help game makers achieve their vision,” said Gabriel Yakir Ketteler, Brand Manager, CRYENGINE. “We are proud that solo developers like Alessandro can create game experiences that look and play beautifully, and we wish him every success on the launch of his second CRYENGINE developed game.”

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