Why developers choose CRYENGINE
Why developers choose CRYENGINE

Why developers choose CRYENGINE

We asked developers around the world, from studios of all sizes, why they choose CRYENGINE to achieve their vision.

Sam Hills, Community & PR Manager at Automaton, developer of Deceit & Mavericks

“In Deceit a core mechanic is the way the game changes between day and night phases. In the dark we shift the roles of the players by temporarily powering up the bad guys and instilling a sense of fear and urgency in the good guys. It’s a very atmospheric experience and CRYENGINE’s heritage around lighting and shadows, its granular controls, lighting effects, and the ability to instantly preview those changes have been key to getting that right.

“CRYENGINE has a huge advantage over other engines in modern non-linear production pipelines thanks to the engine’s dynamic nature which plays well with iterative development. Our art team can work closely with the game design team throughout all stages of the project to adjust lighting and asset placement without the need to ‘bake’ between visualizing outcomes. Developers should take advantage of this wherever possible and use it to test different ideas, blurring the lines between the concept, design, and pre-production phases.

“During the production of Deceit we began working on a number of ideas that we’ll be incorporating with Mavericks. The most prominent of them is a significantly refined approach to changes in level of detail. CRYENGINE remains at the forefront of real time rendering technology which allows us to change a huge number of visuals on the fly. When coupled with our tech team’s integration for SpatialOS, which gives us a greater understanding of what’s relevant to the player, this allows us to make a richly detailed environment without the associated end user hardware demands.”

Francis Courchinoux from ICA games, developer of UAYEB

“I have been working in the game industry for just over 20 years, and I have worked with the Ubisoft Jade Engine, Unreal Engine, Vector Cell Engine (PhyreEngine from Sony) and Unity.

“I really wanted to try CRYENGINE because I always loved its renderer. Also, because I wanted to create an open world with realistic graphics, I needed a strong engine that could easily handle streaming with good optimization for LODs and vegetation. The vehicle, terrain, and vegetation systems have been a great help for me. Also, the flowgraph and node system to code my game, because I'm not a coder.

“The CRYENGINE community's help and knowledge has been essential to gain time back on development. When you have a problem, someone has almost certainly had a similar issue. Reach out.”

Justus Karney from Eierkop-Games, developer of MaxControl

“In my opinion, one of the most effective features is Flowgraph. It makes it possible, especially for beginners, to implement ideas effectively and to create amazing things with hardly any programming knowledge. The lightning system is also incredible. With only a few lights, some environment probes, and adding some small settings in "Time of Day" you can create awesome scenes. The PBR system is also easy to understand and use. As a designer, I enjoy every day that I work with the material editor too. It runs really quickly and looks stunning whether you are mixing materials or making them shine or glow.”

Why did you decide to use CRYENGINE? We love to hear your feedback, so let us know in the comments, on discord, the forum, or via Facebook, and Twitter.


September 19, 2018 12:44

Hey there, @Hikigaya; thanks for your feedback.

If you are having problems with the engine please let us know on the official forum or Discord server so we can help. We need more detailed feedback in a place where we can properly help you troubleshoot your issues to make a difference.

September 15, 2018 11:51

General developers are having too much trouble with CRYENGINE. How can these people get out of so many mistakes? Don't they meet with the problems we have? How?

September 15, 2018 02:41

Awesome stuff!