Why developers choose CRYENGINE - Part 2
Why developers choose CRYENGINE - Part 2

Why developers choose CRYENGINE - Part 2

We asked game teams around the world how CRYENGINE helps them achieve their vision. Check out their testimonies and learn what we have in store for indie devs!

Sebastian Hurup Bevensee, Creative Director for Aporia: Beyond the Valley

“CRYENGINE is unparalleled when it comes to ease of use. Compared to other game engines, it is so easy to create something that looks amazing straight out of the box. All the parameters are already available to you, so you have an almost endless amount of tweaks and additions you can fiddle around with for every aspect. Other game engines force you to spend countless hours just so you can adjust even the smallest of details. But what really made a difference for us was how easy programming turned out to be. It makes it possible for people without any programming skills to set up small logic based tasks. Visual programming languages are the future in terms of prototyping and design as it allows everyone to take part in the process of designing and creating a game.”

Jonathan Faith from Cryonsaurs, developer of Collision Course

“No other game engine can produce the level of real-time visual quality that CRYENGINE can at the same level of performance. The opening up of the source code sealed the deal for us. It also fits really well with the type of game we set out to produce and many of the tools and systems we needed were already in place. Full Source Code access, the robust AI system, and the Game SDK with all the tools you could ever need for a FPS game. Also SVOTI. There’s no light baking needed, so it can save you many hours.”

Merunes, developer of Racing Glider

“The vehicle system is powerful and the physics too. These are the essential components of my game so CRYENGINE is perfect for this project. I’ve been working with the engine a long time, and it’s never disappointed me! The vehicle system and Flow Graph is very powerful and allows me to create the exact vehicles which are perfect for my vision. I would also add the Time of Day feature which is an excellent tool for the visuals and the weather.”

Why did you decide to use CRYENGINE? We love to hear your feedback, so let us know in the comments, on Discord, the forum, or via Facebook, and Twitter.