Simple Boid System - Plugin for CRYENGINE

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Version number 1.2.0
Operating system Windows
Zipped size 0.98MB
Unzipped size 0.98MB
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The simple boid system provides a free and easy solution to implement boid logic in your CRYENGINE project. The current version is tested on CRYENGINE 5.7

The installation instructions are shipped in the package as a PDF file. After adding our DLL to your project and including it in your .cryproject file currently the following options will be available (also visible in the second image):

  • Spawn on Start
  • Spawn Sphere Size
  • Count
  • Min Velocity
  • Max Velocity
  • Max Force
  • Neighbor Range
  • Separation Distance
  • Random Value
  • 4 Force Multiplier
  • File
  • Scale
  • Rendering Settings
  • Animation Parameters

This asset is covered under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Public License. Additionally the terms of service for the CRYENGINE marketplace apply too. Shall the terms in this license conflict with the CRYENGINE marketplace terms our terms shall prevail.

Please send us feedback to ensure that we can improve the plugin. We will try to provide updates either for feature requests or engine updates as soon as possible. Please send your feedback to or post it in our forum thread.

April 11, 2022

January 19, 2022

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