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Operating system Windows
Zipped size 114.70MB
Unzipped size 114.70MB
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Professional and intuitive UI editor.

  • WYSWYG, artist-friendly.
  • Complex UI components can be designed in the editor directly, no script required.
  • Provided time axis to design UI transitions.
  • Support for building and using sequence frame animation simply as a image.
  • Support bitmap fonts by using BMFont or images.
  • Powerful list component. Support virtual list and loop list.
  • Support pixel hit test.
  • Flexible publish strategy, support packing atlas automatically, support multiple atlas in one package.
  • Multi language UI support.
  • Provided scale strategy for different resolution.
  • Stable and efficient.

Note: I didn't created this tool but I got the ok to submit this to CryENGINE Asset store.


August 18, 2022

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