NestedComponent Plugin

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Version number 1.0.0
Operating system Windows
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NestedComponent Plugin

NestedComponent Plugin is a simple component plugin which allows you to create hierarchies of components using "logic free" component as a parent in the Schematyc editor.


To add this plugin to your project, you first must drag the bin/win_x64_release/NestedComponentPlugin.dll to your project's bin\win_x64\ folder.

Afterwards, you must edit the *.cryproject file. Add the following lines as an additional entry to the list of plugins:

{<br /><br /> "type": "EPluginType::Native",<br /><br /> "path": "bin/win_x64/NestedComponentPlugin.dll"<br /><br /> }

How to use

Next time you open the Schematyc editor, "Empty" component should appear first in the list of available components.

Select it and rename as you wish. After that, you can right-click on the newly created component and select Add->Component.

Repeat, until you create the desired hierarchy.


  • CRYENGINE 5.4.x

    EDIT from the CRYENGINE team:

    Please keep in mind that Schematyc is a BETA feature and this plugin might not work with later iterations of CRYENGINE.

January 19, 2022

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