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CRYENGINE is the first all-in-one development solution with truly scalable computation and benchmark graphics technologies. With CRYENGINE, developers are fully equipped to create standout game experiences, using the engine behind games like Ryse: Son of Rome, Robinson: The Journey, The Climb, Crytek’s latest release Hunt: Showdown, and the Crysis series.

The famous CRYENGINE Sandbox editor is a production proven, third-generation, real-time tool suite designed and built by AAA developers. All development features of a CRYENGINE game can be produced, edited and played immediately with the “what you see is what you play” (WYSIWYP) system. The engine can handle the instant conversion and optimization of assets in real-time, enabling cross-platform changes to all elements of the game creation process. This increases the speed and quality of development, while significantly reducing the risk of creating multi-platform games.

The most powerful game development platform is now available to everyone.

  • Full source code (engine and Editor source code)
  • All engine features
  • Full commercialization
  • 5% Royalty – your first 5K € / $ of annual revenue per project is royalty free
  • Access to all platforms primed for VR development
  • A marketplace for everyone
  • Access to learning resources
  • Access to paid support from the CRYENGINE team

What platforms are supported?

With CRYENGINE, you can develop software for Windows, Linux, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Oculus Rift, OSVR, PSVR and HTC Vive. Mobile support is in development.

What kind of features will I get with CRYENGINE?

You can find an overview of the engine's features on our website here.

Is there any documentation where I can learn more about CRYENGINE?

Yes, feel free to take advantage of our extensive online documentation to help you get the most out of your CRYENGINE experience. The links below will point you to key resources for CRYENGINE development.

I’m a newcomer to CRYENGINE, do you have any tips on getting started?

If you are using CRYENGINE for the first time, our Getting Started Guide for CRYENGINE V will assist you with the first steps.

I want to make my game available for a broad audience. How can I develop games for 32-bit systems with CRYENGINE?

CRYENGINE 5.6 and beyond do not support development for 32-bit systems. If you wish to make your game available to 32-bit system users, please consider CRYENGINE version 5.5 and previous versions.

What are the reasons for dropping 32-bit support?

There are several reasons on our check list that lead to this decision.

Some technical factors:

  • The maximum amount of memory a 32-bit application can use is 4GB.
  • The Vulkan renderer is not supported on 32-bit operating systems (which precludes supporting 32-bit Android devices).
  • We do not support 32-bit Linux.
  • Game builds will be smaller, and therefore faster to copy.
  • Vendor support for these platforms is decreasing across the board (affecting middleware and related tools out of our control)

While we appreciate our CryENGINEERS wanting to develop for a broad audience of players, we see 32-bit systems are on the decline, and it makes more sense for us to focus on supporting new platforms like Android/mobile and further look into improving VR/AR development solutions.

I started developing with CRYENGINE wanting to support 32-bit systems. How do I proceed?

If you started developing your game on CRYENGINE 5.5 or earlier, we would suggest you do not upgrade your current project to CRYENGINE 5.6 and beyond. If you did start developing your game with 5.6 and want to downgrade to an earlier version, that will be a more difficult matter. Please contact customer support at and ask for advice, giving specifics about your engine version used and status of your build.

Will this change affect any systems in CRYENGINE?

CRYENGINE is primarily developed for 64bit platforms internally. This change will not affect any systems on 64bit platforms.


Why can’t I log in?

There are several reasons why this might happen. Firstly, please ensure your username and password are being entered correctly. If they are, contact us via

I’ve lost my password!

Don’t panic! If your password cannot be retrieved, it can easily be reset. Visit the login page and click "Forgotten your password?". Follow the instructions and you should you should receive an email with your new login details within the hour.

I registered in the past but cannot log in anymore!

Please try to locate your original registration e-mail, check your username and password, then try again. If this still doesn’t work, please contact us via


How much do I have to pay for CRYENGINE?

All of CRYENGINE, including the full engine source code, is available under our royalty based model. Please read the terms for more information.

What is the royalty fee?

5% Royalty - Your first $5K of annual revenue per project is royalty free.

How are the royalties calculated?

Royalties are calculated “at source”. That means: irrespective of whether you (as self-publishers) or a third party (publisher, platform owner etc.) receives the Gross Receipts you always have to pay Royalties based on the gross receipts without any deductions. By way of example: If your publisher receives Gross Receipts of USD 100,000.00 and you only get forwarded 70% you still have to pay USD 5,000.00 as Royalty.

Are there any exceptions from royalty payments?

In the following cases only, no royalties apply:

  • On the first USD 5,000.00 of gross receipts per year and per game;
  • Pure service and work-for-hire compensation without any share in gross receipts;
  • Gross receipts you make on Crytek’s CRYENGINE Marketplace;
  • Gross receipts from game derived merchandise which does not use CRYENGINE;
  • Awards (from third parties which are not publishers of the game) granted for the game;
  • Donations that are not used for developing the game;
  • If royalties from your publisher are set off against advances/minimum guarantees, or if you have already paid royalties on such advances/minimum guarantees. In other words: you do not have to pay twice.

Where do I have to send the royalty statements?

Please send your royalty reports to

Detailed royalty statements (including without limitation: units sold per country, cancellations, refunds, chargebacks, etc.) are due thirty days after the end of every calendar quarter. The first royalty statement is due thirty days after the end of the quarter in which the general release of the game occurs.

Do I have to register my game with Crytek?

Yes. Your game needs to be registered with Crytek regardless if you want to monetize it or not.

Please fill out the Game Registration Form and provide some information about your project like:

  • Your full, legal name.
  • Your email address.
  • The name of your project / game.

Some additional info about your game, the status and engine version used.

When do I have to register my game?

If a licensee plans to commercially exploit a game, the licensee shall give notice to Crytek three months prior to the approximate commercial release date of that game via our Game Registration Form. Crytek in its sole discretion may promote a licensee's game via Crytek's websites and/or social media channels subject to Licensee's approval of such promotion and Crytek’s discretion. You can opt in to marketing support via the form and we will contact you if we decide to promote your game on our channels.

Only registered games that abide by our license agreement can opt in for marketing support.

What about non-commercial and educational purposes?

If you are a student or a member of an academic institution you are in addition entitled to develop games and Serious games in accordance with the License Terms using CRYENGINE and to render such games in object code form (including the CRYENGINE Assets and the CRYENGINE Redistributables) pursuant to the CRYENGINE documentation. However, the student is in no case entitled to commercially exploit such games without Crytek's explicit prior written approval. In case the student wants to monetize the game the student needs to email Monetization will be subject to Crytek's sole discretion. Please read the terms for more details about restrictions on use.

Does the CRYENGINE include the entire C++ source code?

Yes, CRYENGINE comes with the full source code. You can find it on GITHUB.

I would like to develop for PlayStation/Xbox. How do I get the console packages?

In order to get console packages, you need to be a Sony PlayStation or Microsoft Xbox verified developer. Please send your verification documents to Once approved by us, you will be notified and your account will be activated to download the consoles packages.

Do I have to advertise CRYENGINE when I publish my game or any development material?

Yes, there are some requirements that specify how CRYENGINE needs to be referenced in your projects and accompanying marketing material. You can find the full list in our license agreement under point 3, but here’s a summary of the most important things:

  • The CRYENGINE logo should be clearly visible in your credits, the beginning of the game, and major marketing material, e.g. video trailers, print advertisement and the like.
  • The CRYENGINE logo should be displayed in the same manner as other third-party-partners’ logos.
  • The following copyright message should be included in the final game, any demos, and trailers:
    • “Portions of this software are included under license © 2004-201_ Crytek GmbH. All rights reserved.”
  • If you publish your game on Steam or other publishing platforms, mention that CRYENGINE is the engine / technology it was developed with.

Where do I get the CRYENGINE animated bumper and logos for proper reference?

We do provide a branding kit for CRYENGINE developers which can be downloaded here. It contains all legitimate variations of the logo for print and web use, the 'Achieved with CRYENGINE' tag, animated bumper and a sheet with guidelines on how to place the logo.

Can you help me with the marketing for my game?

There are several ways in which we can help our indie developers and licensees to promote their games. If you want us to help, the best way to apply for a spot is to promote your game in a Showcase Gallery thread on the forums and adhere to the Branding Guidelines with all your marketing material.

Contact the community team at if you are having further questions.

Can I create videos or streams using CRYENGINE and use them to generate YouTube ad revenue/Twitch donations etc.?

Absolutely, yes! We encourage you to create video content using CRYENGINE, and you can generate revenue through YouTube ads and Twitch donations without paying any royalties to us. For further reference, please refer to the Crytek video policy: or contact the Community Team at – we are happy to engage with influencers and find mutually beneficial ways to support each other.

What support resources are available?

With both the “Pay What You Want” and “Royalty” based models, you have access to the learning section on and additional public support channels, including:

Can I get additional commercial support?

Yes you can. Please get in touch with us for commercial support via the support page

Where can I find the CRYENGINE Licensing agreement?

You can find the EULA (End User License Agreement) on our website, here.


What do I get if I become certified?

Exam candidates who successfully complete an exam will be sent a congratulatory Certified Expert package that includes:

  • A program-specific, personalized digital badge that can be displayed, embedded online, linked to, and verified by others. This advertises your status as a CRYENGINE Certified Expert to peers, customers, and employers. Badges include the certification type, the specific skills represented, the award and expiration dates, links to reference data and the Certified Expert Directory on via which anyone can use to verify the validity of the certification and the identity of its holder.
  • The option to be listed (with any contact information they choose including name, location, web site, email) in our public, searchable Certified Experts Directory to help prospective employers find and hire experts they can trust.

Will you help me get a job if I get certified?

We cannot directly land you a job or promise that you’ll find a job after you get certified. What certification will do is to provide prospective employers with definitive proof that you have a verified professional level skill set in CRYENGINE, and make it easy for them to find your name and location if you choose to be listed in our public expert database of certified experts.

How do you recommend preparing for an exam?

CRYENGINE provides numerous free resources, including our documentation, technical documentation, video tutorials, online tutorials, beginner’s guide, and the user forums, which include user-generated answers and tutorials.

If you’re just starting out with CRYENGINE, we recommend starting with our free beginner’s course, which you can download from our Marketplace. It will give you a thorough grounding in the CRYENGINE interface, tools, and techniques.

And while there is no substitute for experience, some of the most valuable information you’ll find is communicated directly between CRYENGINE users on social media platforms like Steam, Discord, and YouTube; on third party tutorial sites like Udemy, Lynda, and PluralSight; and in countless books, articles, and blogs.

If I don't pass an exam, can I take it again?

Yes. However, if you don’t get a passing score the first time you take an exam, you must wait at least 14 days before taking the same exam again. If you don’t get a passing score on your second attempt, you must wait at least 90 days before taking the same exam again. There is no discount for re-taking exams for which you have not yet achieved a passing score.

Can I take an exam again if I do pass it?

You can always re-take an exam that you’ve already passed. Your reasons might include wanting to reach a higher score or to update your certification date. However, you must wait at least 9 months before retaking an exam that you’ve already passed.

Do you provide accommodation for people who have special needs that they think may affect their ability to meet the conditions for taking the exam?

Yes. For now, please contact us with any special needs requests, and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Will I have a chance to edit my answers before I finish an exam?

Yes, as long as the exam time has not ended, you can choose to use it freely to review existing answers.

Is there any discount on exams if I've been previously certified?

Yes. If you have previously held a valid CRYENGINE certification, you are eligible to schedule a new version of the same certification exam (i.e., for the same certification but on a new version of CRYENGINE or the same version as your previous certification) free of charge, as long as you schedule your exam within 90 days of the date your previous certification expires.

In which languages are exams available?

Currently all exams are given in English, consistent with the CRYENGINE software interface itself. If you would like to add your voice to lobby for an exam to be offered in additional languages, you are welcome to email us your request.

What's the minimum passing score?


Do I lose points for wrong answers?

No, you simply aren’t awarded points for incorrect answers.

Will my exam results tell me which questions I answered incorrectly and/or the correct answers?

No. In order to protect the security of the exams, you will only receive a score summary report. CRYENGINE does not provide the answers to specific questions.

Can I ask for an exam score to be re-evaluated?

No. The final score of an exam cannot be changed. Questions or suggestions about certification or the exam process in general can always be directed to

When will I find out my score and my certification status?

In most cases, your grade will be shown very shortly after you finish your exam. Your certification status will be communicated via email soon thereafter. Reasons why this might be delayed could include incident reports about your exam process sent to us by ProctorU that require review, technical issues, personnel availability, etc.

Can I get a refund on an exam?

No refunds are offered, whether you miss your exam appointment, don’t receive a passing score, are disqualified for violating our terms of service, or if you take an exam again.

What happens if a test candidate violates the Terms of Service?

If a candidate violates the CRYENGINE terms of service or is found to have engaged in conduct that could affect the integrity of the CRYENGINE Certified Experts Program, consequences may include:

a) Being permanently barred from the certification program

b) Having any existing certifications revoked

c) Being removed from the certified experts directory

In what ways could a candidate violate CRYENGINE's Terms of Service?

The following examples detail how a candidate might be found in violation of the CRYENGINE certification program terms of service:

a) Cheating on an exam, including the use of any outside resources, notes, web sites, books, devices, etc., or taking unauthorized breaks during the exam

b) Preparing for an exam by using web sites that have fraudulently obtained or substantially reproduced exam data and shared or sold it with others

c) Either accepting or providing assistance during an exam

d) Falsifying your identity, taking an exam for someone else, having someone else taken an exam for you, or impersonating someone else to get access to an exam

e) Hacking into or otherwise obtaining unauthorized access to CRYENGINE exam questions or data

f) Disseminating exam questions, results, or answers in any way, including disclosing, transmitting, copying, publishing, selling, offering to sell, posting, downloading, distributing in any way, or otherwise transferring, modifying, making derivative works of, reverse engineering, decompiling, disassembling, or translating any exam in whole or in part, in any form or by any means, verbal or written, electronic or mechanical, for any purpose.

g) Violating a CRYENGINE or Crytek NDA to which you had previously agreed

h) Otherwise violating the CRYENGINE terms of service or the terms of service of the exam provider in any way

Can I report security concerns and remain anonymous?

Yes, you can contact us with any concerns, and indicate whether you wish to remain anonymous or be contacted with any follow-up information.

How does my computer and work space need to be set up in order to take an exam?

Please refer to the ProctorU FAQ for a full description of their requirements. Among their other requirements, you’ll need an internet connection of a specific minimum speed, a webcam, microphone, speakers or headphones, and a web browser with the Flash plug-in installed.

Is there a certification for C# Programmers?

Not yet, but one is being developed.

How long is a certification valid?

Certifications expire two years from the date they were granted, and are specific to the version of CRYENGINE on which you were tested. The first exams are on version 5.5. For each subsequent version, a new set of questions and a separate set of exams will be issued to reflect changes in the software. Thus you should consider what version of the software you are likely to use, or which version your employer or prospective employer is using when choosing an exam version.

Do I actually have to write code for the programming exams?

No, but you will have to correctly identify bugs and choose the correct answer from multiple examples of pre-written code. Most importantly, you’ll need to be familiar with the CRYENGINE API. Since real-world programmers use products like Visual Studio that provide dynamic access to functions and parameters and save them from having to memorize an entire library, the nature of the test questions reflects a similar environment.

Where can I take a certification exam?

Rather than forcing you to travel to any particular location, our exams are proctored electronically, so you can take your test from any computer that has a good internet connection, an up-to-date web browser, and a web camera. Your test proctor will also need for you to prove to them that your test room is secure, that you are alone and unaided by outside resources or human helpers.

Your test proctor will require you to have a functioning web camera and microphone, and to have government issued photo ID ready to show them to validate your identity. Our test proctoring partner ProctorU provides a help page about what to prepare before taking an electronic exam with them. Also, you will be sharing your screen with your test proctor so they can monitor you as you take the exam. You cannot use a computer with multiple monitors, since more than one screen cannot be shared, so please unplug any additional monitors before your exam.

Will I be able to consult my notes, the documentation, or other resources to help me on the exam?

No. We want to test your knowledge, not your ability to find answers you don’t already know. During the exam, you will need to rely entirely on your memory and ability to analyze the question and select the correct answer.

What happens when my certification expires? Do I have to pay to get re-certified?

When your certification expires, it is no longer valid, and you will no longer be listed in our Certified Experts directory. If you want to maintain the same certification, you can take the same exam again (on the same software version) at zero cost as long as you take it within 90 days after the expiration of your previous certification.

Are exams version-specific?

Yes, the exam tests you on a specific version of CRYENGINE. The first exams are on version 5.5. For each subsequent version, a new set of questions and a separate set of exams will be issued to reflect changes in the software. Thus you should consider what version of the software you are likely to use, or which version your employer or prospective employer is using when choosing an exam version.

Will you be issuing certification exams for versions of CRYENGINE older than 5.5?

There are no plans to do this at this time, although you are always welcome to send us your suggestions and request to help us understand your needs.

Marketplace Buyer

What is the CRYENGINE Marketplace?

CRYENGINE Marketplace offers developers a comprehensive library of assets they can use to help them achieve their creative vision for CRYENGINE projects.

Where can I find the marketplace terms?

You can find the Marketplace terms and Asset Submission Guidelines on our website.

How do I download assets from the CRYENGINE Marketplace?

You can download assets through the CRYENGINE Launcher. In order to do so, you need a account. Once registered and logged in, simply open, click on "Marketplace", then click on the asset you wish to purchase and follow the steps to download it. You can find all your purchased assets in your CRYENGINE Launcher library.

What payment methods can I use?

Currently we offer credit card payment options. We will add further payment options in the near future.

Can I request a refund for an asset I have purchased?

Please get in touch with the vendor for any refund issues. When you and the vendor have agreed to a refund of your purchased asset, Crytek will trigger the payment once the vendor has contacted us. Please see our Marketplace Terms of Service for more information regarding the licensing agreement between vendor and buyer.

Under which licensing terms are the assets sold?

The applicable licensing terms for assets offered on the Markeplace are specified in our Marketplace Terms of Service – additional licensing terms may apply per asset as defined by the vendor. Please check the ‘Licensing’ tab on the respective asset for more info, if applicable.

I purchased an asset, but for some reason I cannot access it. What can I do?

Please make sure that you are logged in to using the account that you made the asset purchase with. You can find out which account you used to buy the asset by checking your purchase confirmation email or in your CRYENGINE launcher library. If you have any further issues please contact

What can I do if I have purchased an asset that is no longer compatible with the latest version of CRYENGINE?

If you have purchased an asset from the Marketplace that is not compatible with the latest version of CRYENGINE, please get in touch with the respective vendor.

How can I get hold of a copy of a previously purchased asset that’s no longer listed on the CRYENGINE Marketplace?

If you would like to get another copy of a purchased asset and you no longer have a local copy of it at hand, please get in touch with the original vendor. So keep your confirmation emails for a purchase, as these emails contain all of the details. If you have issues contacting the vendor, please feel free to contact us via

You will be able to find a local copy of all assets you have purchased in the download folder you have chosen for the asset in the launcher.

How do I transfer assets that I bought on one account to a different account?

Unfortunately, you cannot transfer asset purchases from one account to another.

Assets I have purchased do not update, what can I do?

Typically this issue arises when assets have not been downloaded and purchased on the account that you are currently logged into. Please make sure that you are logged into the account that the asset was purchased on.

If you have double checked and your update for the asset still fails, feel free to contact our support team via using the subject line “Issue with Asset Update”.

How can I make suggestions for the CRYENGINE Marketplace?

Crytek and CRYENGINE highly welcome your feedback. We are constantly improving our Marketplace! Feel free to contact us via

Marketplace Vendor

How do I become a vendor?

Once you have created a CRYENGINE account, you can become a vendor by completing the vendor sign-up process.
Go to your user account, then under the management section complete the following sections:
  • Profile billing information
  • Vendor account
  • Payment information

Who can become a vendor?

Anyone – but you must reside in a country that is supported by our payment provider. Please visit this link for further details.

What is KYC?

KYC ("Know Your Customer") is the process whereby a business can identify and verify the identity of its clients.

Why do I have to be part of the KYC process to become a vendor?

In order for us to conduct the proper due diligence of our clients and so that we comply with European anti-money laundering laws our payment provider requires specific information from our clients.

What is the difference between a private (natural) user and a business (legal) user type?

If you are a private (natural) user then please select private user as the account type.
If you own a business (legal) user then please select legal as an account type.
NOTE: It is not possible to change the user type once your vendor account has been created.

What additional account information is required for a legal type user?

  • Headquarters address
  • Legal representative's email
  • Legal representative's address

What KYC documents are required for private (natural) and business (legal) user types?

For private(natural) users the following documents are required:
  • PROOF of IDENTITY: A Passport, driving license or ID Card (NOTE: a passport is required if you are outside of the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) area)
For business (legal) users the following documents are required:
  • PROOF of IDENTITY: The Passport or driving license of the nominated legal representative
  • PROOF of REGISTRATION: Confirmation Statement of Annual Financial Return
  • ARTICLES OF ASSOCIATION: The Certificate of Incorporation

When do I have to upload the KYC documents?

  • If you reach the monthly payment threshold , then you will need to send the documents immediately, this will ensure that you will be paid.
  • You can also send the documents before you reach the threshold, this allows you to handle unlimited funds freely.

Where should I send the documents?

Please contact our support service:

Where can I find the asset submission guidelines?

You can find the asset submission guidelines here.

What is the revenue split between Crytek and Marketplace vendors?

The revenue split shows you the percentage of sales revenue that you receive versus the percentage that Crytek charges as a Marketplace fee. When you read “70/30”, this means that you receive 70% of the sales revenue while Crytek receives 30% of the sales revenue as a Marketplace fee. Crytek will send you an invoice in relation to Marketplace fees.

When will I be paid?

Whenever the monthly combined payment due to you exceeds $100, you will be paid on the 15th calendar day of the following month.

How will I be paid?

You will be paid via electronic fund transfer. Please note that in some countries your bank may charge an additional fee for the transfer. Please visit this page for a list of currently supported countries.

What are my rights after agreeing to have my assets sold on the Marketplace?

By agreeing to have your asset sold on the Marketplace, you're granting Crytek a non-exclusive right to distribute your asset via the Marketplace and use it for marketing purposes. That means: We might use pictures or videos you upload to advertise the marketplace or advertise your items in a vendor spotlight that can also be shared on secondary platforms like Facebook and Twitter. We will never claim your work to be ours and are happy to link to your social profiles if you decided to list them, publicly. Your work still belongs to you, and you retain ownership over it. You can freely redistribute it through other channels such as other online stores, or directly to users.

Can users modify, resell, or transfer content once they purchase it?

Users that have downloaded your content from CRYENGINE Marketplace are free to modify it. All items sold are non-transferable, and users cannot sub-license the asset for further distribution, regardless of whether they have modified it or not. Users cannot buy your asset and then distribute it to other developers to use in other projects, for example by listing it on the Marketplace or another store.

Are there any circumstances under which assets would be removed from the Marketplace?

There are some reasons why your assets may be removed from the Marketplace. These reasons include but aren’t limited to the following:

  • Intellectual property dispute such as potential copyright infringement
  • User complaints
  • Lack of public interest in the items
  • Malware
  • Negative impact to the CRYENGINE or CRYENGINE Marketplace experience

If any of your items is taken down from the CRYENGINE Marketplace, we will notify you. Don’t hesitate to contact us at for further information.

How are prices set?

When you submit your asset to the Marketplace, you set its basic price in US Dollars, Euro or GBP. International retail prices will be calculated automatically by converting the basic price into other currencies, potentially adjusting for local sales taxes and VAT, and rounding or otherwise adjusting on local pricing practices.

Try to set reasonable prices by considering the amount of work that went into the item but also its value for a game, and keep in mind that assets with source files are generally more valuable for developers. When unsure try comparing your prices with items of similar development value and keep in mind that demand for some items might be smaller than for others.

What are the CRYENGINE Marketplace guidelines on asset pricing?

We don’t have strict guidelines for asset pricing, however please keep in mind that:

  • The Marketplace should be a viable economy for content creators
  • The content should be fairly priced from a buyer's point of view

You have full control over the pricing of your items, and it’s understandable that you want the time and skill you poured into its creation reflected in the price. Just keep in mind that setting a lower price might give a better incentive for more people to buy your assets and drive sales. There will also be opportunities to opt in to marketplace-wide promotions and timed sales; those will be communicated to you via vendor newsletter by the Marketplace team.

Who is responsible for supporting and keeping assets updated that have been uploaded to the Marketplace?

You as the vendor are responsible for supporting your item and you are responsible for maintaining future compatibility with the engine. Please keep in mind that your updated assets will also be available for download to those customers that have bought a previous version of the asset.

Who is responsible for testing Marketplace items?

You as the vendor are ultimately responsible for all quality assurance testing to ensure the best possible end user experience. If the asset is found to have errors and you have been contacted by Marketplace users or your customers, please submit the fix to the Marketplace team.

How do I update my content on the Marketplace?

In order to update your assets please email us at with the following information:

  • What the update is for (compatibility update, new or revised content, bug fixes, etc.)
  • What specific changes were made
  • If a change was made for a specific issue or customer complaint please let us know
  • Any additional changes to the descriptions or images that also need updating
  • Please see the submission guidelines for more assistance.

Payout Countries

You can see the list of supported countries below:

Burkina Faso
Cape Verde
Cocos [Keeling] Islands
Congo - Kinshasa
Cook Islands
Costa Rica
Czech Republic
Dominican Republic
El Salvador
Falkland Islands
Faroe Islands
Hong Kong SAR China
Isle of Man
New Caledonia
New Zealand
Palestinian Territories
Saint Helena
Saint Martin
San Marino
Saudi Arabia
Solomon Islands
South Africa
South Korea
U.S. Virgin Islands
United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom
United States
Vatican City

System Requirements

For developing with CRYENGINE, we recommend the following system requirements:

Any other Questions?

If you have any issues that are not covered in this FAQ, please contact us via

Your order has been successfully processed. Go to the CRYENGINE launcher to download your items.