Hand Flashlight Melee Weapons
by manuk

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Compiled asset
Geometry Polygonal Quads-Tris
Polygon count 2300
UV mapped
UV type Mixed
Zipped size 11.05MB
Unzipped size 29.30MB

Hand Flashlights v 2.3 "Free version"
2 first person hand flashlights ( melees weapons with light )
with 2 different IdlePose and 3 melee attacks.
Gameready assets for CryEngine 5.x or CryEngine 3.8.x EaaS

-------------------------------- Features --------------------------------

  • Ready to use, no C++ change !
  • Melee weapons with light ( Scripts + Model 2300 tris mesh + PBR material )
  • Animations ( 2 Idleposes + 3 melees attack )
  • Particle effect for melee attacks animations
  • CryEngine mannequin setup
  • FlowGraph for melee attack with mouse 1 and equipment pack config
  • Blender sources file for modify and export model

-------------------------- Warning ! Requirements --------------------------

CryEngine 3.8.x EaaS
CryEngine 5.x + Free CRYENGINE_GameSDK_Sample_Project
( https://www.cryengine.com/marketplace/product/cryengine-gamesdk-sample-project )
Blender 2.77+ ( for editing .blend sources files )

---------------------------------- Licence ----------------------------------

If you use this asset in your games or projects, we would appreciate a donation to https://PayPal.Me/frogfactory , and a support to our game: http://www.heathengame.com

April 23, 2018
High Quality

As always, amazing quality and great work from Manu! =)

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