Medieval Weapons Pack

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This pack contains 10 (more to come) medieval themed weapons with up to 4k textures!

  1. Battle Axe

    With an Editor name that is a little misleading, this common tool can be used to splitting anything from logs to skulls and it's high versatility and low price make it a great infantry weapon for a cash strapped militia. This particular ax consists of a wooden stock, wrapped in leather and a withered bronze head.

    Made from a single mesh with a 4k texture mapped to it.

  2. Bush Hook

    Just like the ax the bush hook is more of a tool than a weapon. It’s normally used to hack through bushes, climb trees and gut animals. If necessary it can also be used as a nasty weapon. It's made from a simple wooden handle and withered, cast bronze blade.

    Made from a single mesh with a 2k texture mapped to it's surface.

  3. Campestrian Elite Combat Knife

    This Campestrian made steel knife is given to members of the UUSE after their first successful mission and is known for it's insane durability. This particular knife belongs to the main character of our White Knight Campaign.

    Made from a single mesh with a single 2k texture mapped to it's surface (unbranded version available on request)

  4. Common Blade

    Like the name says this simple bronze blade is cheap, effective and available almost everywhere. While not as versatile as an Ax or Bush Hook, it will beat both in a fight any day and is perfect for… well any situation were you need to liberate a torso from it's legs.

    Made from two meshes, one for the handle with a 1k texture mapped to it's surface and one for the blade with the GameSDK bronze plain a texture tiled on it.

  5. Double Bladed Ax

    Now this is nothing if not a weapon. To expensive to equip an army with, but great if you need someone divided into two. Available in three versions. One with a worn bronze head, one with a steel head and one with a leather wrapped handle.

    All made from single meshes with 2k textures mapped to their surfaces.

  6. Sword with Ornate Hilt

    A beautiful steel weapon of Campestrian manufacture, with a twisted hilt. This weapon is primarily wielded by Campestrian officers, but lately more and more of these blades have found their way into the Northern Alliance.

    Made from a single mesh with a 2k texture mapped to it's surface.

  7. Throwing Knife

    The name says it all. This steel knife is designed to be thrown. While normally made from bronze, this design is made to be wielded by Kinisisists and thus a more powerful metal is required to withstand extreme impacts.

    Made from a single mesh with a 1k texture mapped to it's surface (I can make a bronze version of request).

  8. Twisted Hilt Dagger

    While similar to the Sword with Ornate Hilt, this is the only steel weapon not made by Campestria and is awarded to Association of Mages Sentinels. While the twisted hilt looks good, this weapon is designed for display, not combat.

    Made from a single mesh with a 2k texture mapped to it's surface.

    These weapons are all from our current game Saga of the Sparks: Stories of Black and White. Why do you publish assets your going to use?, you may ask. Well there are several reasons for that. One, I want the CryEngine Community to become more collaborative. Two, we are always looking for new members so if you’re interested in joining our team or perform a studio collaboration, visit our recruitment post (, our website ( or send me an e-mail over my support mail. Three, if you manage to implement these as full weapons, please send us the files ;).

    (One last thing, if you've managed to export th

January 18, 2022

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