Medieval Houses Pack 1

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This pack includes 19 frame work based buildings, plus several extra, modular, pieces with a medieval theme.

I created this with versatility in mind. The current textures I applied are designed to fit the wonderfully gritty feel of the GameSDK's Assets and can be great for everything from being placed in a more natural enviorment or to create a massive, open city that can still be run on less powerfull machines (made possible by the relatively low per object poly count).

All buildings are controlled from a single master material file located in /objects/medieval houses pack. Here you can easily change the Diffuse color or globally replace textures to make the buildings suit your games color scheme. I've also included the FBX source files in /objects/medieval house pack/source just for good measure.

These assets are part of a city I'm building as a kind of personal project and if you and I are both lucky, you will see more packs like this being released for free in the future (maybe even with interiors).

So Ember, why are these awesome assets free, you may be asking. Well, I love CryEngine and really, really want it and all who choose this marvel of software engeneering to be their tool of the trade to succeed. I think a helpful and open community is key to that and hope that everyone who finds that these assets saved him a day of work, will also consider publishing some of his assets for free so that others may profit as well.

PS, if you use these assets for any project, I would be delighted if you could drop me a message or comment (or send me a free copy of the game ;))

January 18, 2022

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