Simple HUD (using Scaleform 4)

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Language Actionscript
Category/Type Utility
Version number 1.0
Zipped size 36.01MB
Unzipped size 36.01MB
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This script includes a simple HUD UI element and its implementation in the source file from Adobe Animate. It includes a test level where you can test the script out.

The Script was created in CryENGINE 5.7. Previous version won't work as the UI element was created for Scaleform 4. The script was created using GameSDK but should work with custom weapons or game system as well. To open the source file you need Adobe Animate.

You are free to use the asset for any project you work on both commercial or non-commercial. You
don't need to provide reference to the original asset creator.

About Pterosoft R&D
If we're not working on videogames we love to experiment with the engine we love. In Pterosoft R&D we are working on prototyping assets that we want to share with CryENGINE community and that we might use in current or future projects.


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June 17, 2022

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