CRYENGINE Master Class: Building UI Using Scaleform

CRYENGINE Master Class: Building UI Using Scaleform

Our very own Collin Bishop, Senior Product Manager for CRYENGINE, delivers our latest Master Class showing you how to use Scaleform to create UI in your project.

This in-depth tutorial covers numerous topics that allow you to access functionality that will open the doors to menus and the topic of dynamic text for HUDs. The lesson starts off by discussing how to setup and expose the most basic UI elements in the Editor. Then Collin covers how to expose variables to the UI through dynamic text. Finally, a simple button interaction to begin toggling a light on and off within the scene is shown, revealing how click events correspond to console variables changing, or entity behavior directly inside of your level.

If you’re looking for more video tutorials hosted by our experts, check out our other CRYENGINE Master Class videos which cover topics including the Dynamic Response System, game optimization, audio, AI, Blendspace, and more.

If you have a topic or area you’d like to see covered in future let us know on in the comments, on the official forum or get live help on Discord, or via Facebook, and Twitter.


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  • R3VO
    • R3VO
    • November 19, 2018

    The advantage of Scaleform is that it is based on Flash. So it consumes zero performance, and is fast.

  • BrUnOXaVIeR

    Why are you the only engine still using Scaleform when not even its creators use it anymore??

  • phamyen

    the impossible quiz I'm happy about everything you bring it very interesting and helpful, thanks

  • phamyen

    Thank you for this informative blog.

  • silver008

    I haven't seen any adequate explanation except just *we just can't*. Seriously you are talking about cutting-edge technology of your engine, and still promote a legacy, outdated, rubbish middleware with virtually no community alive or products available to buy. What studio will choose CryEngine?

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