CE Launcher Update 1.10.2
CE Launcher Update 1.10.2

CE Launcher Update 1.10.2

The CRYENGINE Launcher has been updated with some very handy Quality of Life features.

The CRYENGINE Launcher is the glue that brings this platform together for you to make managing engine versions and projects a breeze. Today we update the CRYENGINE Launcher with a few QoL features to enhance your experience.

Along with bug fixes and text cleanup we have two changes that speed up your routines:

  • Upgraded the built-in CrySelect tool responsible for the cryproject context menus in Windows such as generating solutions and switching engine versions. This change minimizes the delay when selecting an option in the context menus and allows for a much smoother experience.
  • Added an Asset Banner to the Launcher Dashboard. This is similar to an engine banner and will showcase certain assets we think you may benefit from.

We won’t bore you with the little fixes and changes here, but if you are interested, you can check out the full CE Launcher 1.10.2 release notes for yourself over on our documentation pages.

If you have any questions, comments or feedback regarding the Launcher, CRYENGINE or any other service drop us a comment here, via the forums, Facebook, Twitter or join us on Discord and chat directly with other CRYENGINE community enthusiasts and staff.