CRYENGINE 5.6.6 hotfix available now
CRYENGINE 5.6.6 hotfix available now

CRYENGINE 5.6.6 hotfix available now

CRYENGINE 5.6.6 is out now with fixes and improvements across the engine.

CRYENGINE 5.6.6, our latest hotfix, is available now from and the CRYENGINE Launcher. This hotfix includes several attachment fixes from HUNT: Showdown, providing battle-tested stability as we back-integrate from our successful title. We’re also updating the Audio FMOD and Wwise SDKs, and we’ve fixed several issues related to projects and packaging that were reported by you.

As you know, there has never been quite a time like this in modern history, and while we have implemented new processes, we are operating in unprecedented times. We understand that several of you were disappointed to hear that we have delayed the full major release of the next engine version until early next year, and so we are happy to provide this hotfix in the interim to help solve some of your issues now.

With so many new features coming in the next major release, we need the extra time to ensure the best possible experience. If you haven’t already, we encourage you to sign up for the CRYENGINE beta to access early builds with new features, and your valuable feedback will help us to focus development in the areas that are most wanted. You’ll also be able to have fun with preview versions of some really exciting features which are coming to CRYENGINE.

To help us keep making CRYENGINE better for everyone, please continue to let us know your thoughts and comments on the dedicated forum feedback thread.

We would like to show our appreciation to all those that take the time to provide bug reports, problems and requests to us so that we may improve CRYENGINE for everyone going forward. Here we will highlight the fixes and changes that were reported and requested by the community making it into HotFix 5.6.6.


FIXED: Flowgraph node Actor:VisualDetector node never activating. Wrong typeMask used for observer parameters.

FIXED: Fix incorrect FactionId parameter type in Schematyc Node Description.


TWEAKED: Removed inversion of parameter/checkbox "Animation Driven Motion".


FIXED: Prerequisites for C# Extension to support VS2019.


FIXED: No textures from Substance Material. Update Substance Importer to Substance Engine 6.3.

TWEAKED: Add level info to ILevelSystemListener::OnLoadingStart event instead of passing a null pointer in Sandbox.


FIXED: GameLauncher fails to find the project file when sys_project and -project are missing. Default to game.cryproject if neither exists.

FIXED: Add .env files to xml file list used in project package build.

FIXED: .cryproject loading when the project path is absolute.


TWEAKED: Added 3ds Max 2019 exporter.

TWEAKED: Added 3ds Max 2021 exporter.

Additional Fixes:


FIXED: Several attachment update fixes from HUNT.


TWEAKED: Updated to FMOD Studio 2.00.07.

TWEAKED: Updated to Wwise SDK v2019.1.7 build 7135.


FIXED: Contents of Tools/PakEncrypt going missing.

You can read the full release notes and the known issues for this hotfix here.

Please note that the GitHub Source Code release has been delayed due to technical issues with the link between our internal Versioning Systems and GitHub. We plan to roll out the Source Code release next week.

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