CRYENGINE 5.7 LTS Release Date Announcement
CRYENGINE 5.7 LTS Release Date Announcement

CRYENGINE 5.7 LTS Release Date Announcement

The CRYENGINE 5.7 Long Term Support Update [LTS] will launch on April 5th. Find out what you need to know!

We are pleased to let you know that the CRYENGINE 5.7 Long Term Support [LTS] Update will launch on April 5th next week. It was set to launch in Q1, but we hope you'll forgive the slight delay as we add the final layer of polish. The update brings changes featured on the CRYENGINE Roadmap and improves the engine's stability and reliability going forward. The release will be available via the CRYENGINE launcher and has been designed for compatibility with CRYENGINE 5.6, so the upgrade should be seamless for users. 

Highlights in this update include supporting workflows with software including Visual Studio and Adobe Animate. There are also new updates and features, such as adding Flow Graph and Schematyc nodes to the GamePlatformPlugin for your convenience, plus including Schematyc nodes for Scaleform. We are also integrating support for Scaleform 4, including customized rendering for improved performance. Of course, the update also includes bug fixes reported by the community and our internal teams. Full release notes will be made available next week as we launch the update.

As we launch the CRYENGINE 5.7 LTS Update, we will also be changing how we distribute source code. Previously, we have distributed source code publicly via GitHub. However, as source code is subject to royalties and CRYENGINE is not open-source software, we will move to an industry-standard model by launching a private GitHub repository for registered developers. When this launches, you will need to create a account and request access via the CRYENGINE contact form. In addition to accessing source code on this new private repository, you will also be able to report bugs and send feedback.

Stay tuned for more details about the CRYENGINE 5.7 LTS Update launch next week. We can't wait to show you what we've been working on!

In preparation for the update, we encourage everyone who is working with CRYENGINE to register the project you are currently working on, no matter if you are planning to monetize it or not. Registering as a developer with Crytek brings benefits and is a requirement for marketing support and other incentives in the future, even if your game or project is not subject to royalties. 

If you have questions or feedback about CRYENGINE, let us know in the comments, on the forum, or via Facebook and Twitter. You can pick up tips and tricks about our game development, ask questions, and more by joining our community and the CRYENGINE development team over on our official CRYENGINE Discord channel.

If you find a bug in the engine, please report it directly on GitHub, which helps us to process the issue quickly and efficiently. Don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel, where we host a range of content, including tutorials covering all aspects of the engine and game design. Want to show your love for CRYENGINE? Pick up merch over on the official online Crytek Store.

Are you looking for your next career move? At Crytek, we value diversity, and we actively encourage people from all kinds of backgrounds and experience levels to apply to our open positions, so join us over at LinkedIn and check out our careers page.

April 04, 2022 14:31

Still, without promised mobile support, ray tracing and tons of other stuff that was seen in the roadmap back in 2020, this is still the same as CE 5.6.

April 02, 2022 18:47

crytek 5.7 crysis 4 news

April 05, 2022 09:01


April 02, 2022 16:05

Crytek surrounded itself by only yes-men for all those years of WOKE censorship, they are far out of reality, they live in their own bubble. That's why they lost all competition. Silencing the critics was easier for them than actually improving something.

April 04, 2022 17:03

Yup, one of the main problem is that you have to wait 3 months for Crytek approval of any your project. It's simply put a censorship on your content.

April 02, 2022 16:02

Maybe Lumberyard is partially better because it is CryEngine 3. FFS even Crysis Remastered trilogy was released on CryEngine 3 and not this semi-alpha CryEngine 5. Nobody appreciated CE5, nobody made any decent game on it. At least CE3 has some of the best CryEngine projects. So going back to CryEngine 3 and starting modernizing it from scratch may be actually a good idea for Crytek.

April 02, 2022 16:48

what are you saying is so wrong... you are saying lumberyard is better because it is cryengine 3, just so you know cryengine 5 its not written from scratch its actually more cryengine 3 than your lumberyard :D,
and tell me what cryengine 3 did better than cryengine 5 omg are people are really so stupid these days :D

April 02, 2022 21:19

CE5 did better in what? In destroyed GameSDK? Number of games that were developed on it? Numbers speak. CE3 had at least 57 games, while CE5 has only 23, most of which are low-budget crap and Crytek's side projects. If don't you accept the reality, it's your problem.

April 03, 2022 13:24

Do you know Hunt: Showdown?, a great game developed with CryEngine V and I also inform you that these days we have CryEngine 5.7, how wonderful, can't wait to try it.

April 03, 2022 13:38

Are you ignorant on purpose? Hunt is an internal Crytek's project, and it's based on a different branch of CE5, not even the same CE5 as we users can have.

April 04, 2022 17:06

Lumberyard is piece of shit. One of the reasons they abandoned this totally was the requirement of so many updates, so it was actually better to start new engine from scratch. Currently O3DE is like 5 years behind the UE5/Unity.

There's very little needed to bring more live to Cry5, they should just open to developers.

No fcking censorship/content approval, closing source etc.

Actually open source + grants system is the only hope that this engine will not die.

April 02, 2022 11:00

Now when Lumberyard is abandoned maybe it will be better just to buy it, fix installation process and make fresh start, coz it's have more features that modern Cryengine. Sorry I was just daydreaming for a second.

April 02, 2022 11:24

Lumberyard is peace of shit

April 02, 2022 11:58


April 02, 2022 13:28

have you tried it? tell me one thing what is better in lumberyard.

April 02, 2022 14:22

actually i was asking you why it shit, so i was waiting for your arguments... anyway, i don't see Cryengine as my choice for a game in the near foreseeable future.

April 02, 2022 14:58

Its shit because all they did just throw bunch of features on top of cryengine 3, did nothing about insane build times, dependency hell while installing it, engine was ~7 years in development without any release. no roadmap, no release date, nothing. basically they did what cryengine doing wrong even worst :D on top of being totally incompetent.

April 02, 2022 15:35

Yes, as i said, installation process is a pain but it's not problem for me, compared to features, which is more important for me as indie dev. Cryengine animation system is... its something, even FLAX engine have better. Script canvas reminds me UE's blueprint system which i like. In Lumberyard i can do my UI directly in editor just like in UE, i don't need additional software. Even interface is much better. I can continue, but if you tried that engine then you already know all that features or most of them :)
Don't get me wrong, i'm not Lumberyard fan i just think that it's better compared in features but it's abandoned. I wish Cryengine team all the best, but guys cmon, you can do better.

April 02, 2022 15:37

...ask Blender team how :D

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