CRYENGINE enters stabilization in preparation for the release of 5.6
CRYENGINE enters stabilization in preparation for the release of 5.6

CRYENGINE enters stabilization in preparation for the release of 5.6

The release of the next major engine version, CRYENGINE 5.6, draws nearer.

We know many of you are eagerly anticipating the next major release of CRYENGINE and today we officially enter stabilization. Some of you may have already noticed that the stabilization branch on GitHub has been synced with the latest changes. There are over 1000 changes since the last release. Features have been locked-in for CRYENGINE 5.6, and we now focus on making the release as stable as possible. You can take a look at what features are coming by checking out the CRYENGINE roadmap.

With this in mind, we would like to thank everyone in the CRYENGINE community for all of your feedback, suggestions, bug reports, and pull requests which have all helped to shape the future of CRYENGINE. We are excited to provide you with many of the features that you have requested in this next release. With so many changes, we are now searching for any bugs that may have surfaced during development. Stay tuned for more information about what’s coming to CRYENGINE 5.6 in the weeks ahead.

What CRYENGINE 5.6 features are you looking forward to most? Let us know in the comments below, on the forums, Facebook, or via Twitter and join the discussion over on the official CRYENGINE Discord server.


July 18, 2019 10:01

how to build Stab branch?
there is no SDKs included and no downloader. unable to generate solution via cmake

July 16, 2019 09:37

I have read your excellent post. This is a great job. I have enjoyed reading your post first time.

July 13, 2019 21:54

Please Fix the Light(Projector), and the Lensflare Editor(
The lens flares do not load after a level load). :) THX

July 13, 2019 18:17

You have to take over the leader ship, you have created the best engine for farcry 1 and crysis 1, the addition of raytracing is expected it will do you a lot of publicity, continued !!!

July 11, 2019 03:17

Go Crytek and CryEngine. Time to make these generic looking Unity and Unreal games look like the garbage they are! More VR, Vulkan, UI improvements and some features that will allow us CryEngine developers more freedom to create epic worlds.