CRYENGINE Free Asset Database Spotlight
CRYENGINE Free Asset Database Spotlight

CRYENGINE Free Asset Database Spotlight

Our Asset Database is an invaluable free resource for developers. We shine a light on some great new packs you can download free today.

The CRYENGINE Asset Database is home to a wide range of assets that can accelerate progress on game development for veterans and newcomers alike. From complete projects you can use as learning aids like twin-stick shooter Galaxsys to bundles of assets that have been used in our own games like The Climb Asset Pack and The Ryse – World Building Pack, you’ll find a vast range of resources and assets that you can use however you like in your games, for free. 

Today we’re looking at two great recent additions to the CRYENGINE Asset Database. And you can check out a scene showing how we’ve combined the two in action below!

The Realistic Forest Pack from “maelstromlibrary” includes a high-quality map featuring 4x4km of playable terrain with grass, flowers, rocks, and more. There are 20 high-quality ground textures in all, and materials are easily editable. This ready-to-go pack also includes dynamic lighting and a high-quality heightmap. 


The GameSDK Flashlight from Jan Bostl is made for CRYENGINE 5.7 LTS and is a free basic torch made for the GameSDK character. It includes volumetric fog and environment settings and features a light component that attaches to the player character, but it can also be used for custom rigs too. 


To show you how these assets can be combined, we quickly created the following scene showing an area from the Realistic Forest Pack at night lit up with The GameSDK Flashlight. 


Head to the free CRYENGINE Asset Database to download these great asset packs and more now, and let us know how you decide to use them. And if you find these free assets useful, don’t forget to leave a rating and a review for the creators. 

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