Bring your outdoor scenes to life with these free assets
Bring your outdoor scenes to life with these free assets

Bring your outdoor scenes to life with these free assets

Create your very own vision of the great outdoors with a range of free assets from The CRYENGINE Marketplace.

Create amazing landscapes and beautiful Sandbox levels by checking out a range of free outdoor assets from the CRYENGINE Marketplace, including textures, vegetation, and water. These assets are perfect for using in conjunction with our tutorial series, which will show you how to master CRYENGINE's powerful Environment Editor. The series is a practical, step-by-step multi-part series hosted by our Learning Manager, Brian Dilg, and naturally, we recommend that you begin with part one.

Regardless of whether you wish to follow the tutorial, you'll want to check out the Environment Preset Pack, which includes thirteen environment preset files, covering a range of environment and time of day styles, from dawn to dusk. Each can be copied into any project and can be used and tweaked immediately to find the right mood for your scenes.


Accompanying the Environment Preset Pack is our Terrain Example Pack. This collection includes three preset terrain examples, including height data. They can be imported into Sandbox to use in any project, and you can adjust them for your needs. They will also help you to follow along with Brian's tutorial.


You can quickly add vegetation to your scenes by picking up a range of our very own production-ready assets ready to drop in your levels. The Wilderness Assets Pack contains various versions of trees and grass, along with snow-covered assets for a variety in your scenery.


Our Ground Pack includes high-quality grass, leaves, and plants and will pair nicely with a range of plants and leaves from our Special Bushes Pack, whether you want to layer a forest scene with vegetation or create a beautiful garden for your settings. The Trees 1Trees 2, and Special Trees packs provide you with a free range of trees, logs, and bark to create every kind of woodland scene. Finally, the Water Pack includes plants that thrive on riversides or ponds and provides ice and water models.


Add some textures to a range of rocks, flooring, stones, and more with J's Detail Map Pack from VascotiaStudios. This five-star rated free collection features 39 high quality and tileable detail maps perfect for adding texture to a wide range of outdoor assets.


The CC0Textures : RockSet from tacihon is another five-star-rated texture package that you can use to create a vast array of different assets. From stone flooring to rocks of all sizes, cliff surfaces, and more, these 4K, tileable textures provide beautiful detail in a range of different styles.


You can also pick up a free range of proven-in-production assets with the Ryse – Nature Pack. The collection features a range of bushes and plants perfect for any outdoor Mediterranean scene for you to use however you like.


If you find an asset useful, please do leave a review. And don't forget to browse the CRYENGINE Marketplace to discover all kinds of paid and free assets that can help you get up and running quickly.

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