Free Breeze Asset Pack
Free Breeze Asset Pack

Free Breeze Asset Pack

Explore and customize a tropical island or use the beautifully stylized low-poly assets for your own projects with the free Breeze Asset Pack.

Last week we transitioned the CRYENGINE Marketplace into a free asset database, and today we're releasing a mighty free new pack. Last year's CRYENGINE Summer Academy was an extensive 15 part series aimed at newcomers to CRYENGINE and those with some game dev experience, using a platforming game called Breeze as a learning aid. Today we're releasing the Breeze Asset Pack for free on the new CRYENGINE Asset Database, including a full tropical island level for you to explore and customize further. You can also use the beautifully stylized low poly assets for your own projects too.

If you missed out on last the CRYENGINE Summer Academy, you can catch up with all the episodes in this playlist. The series features expert insight from Crytek game developers and covers everything from coding in C++ to environment design, character creation, animation, lighting techniques, particle effects, audio, debugging, and more. The series uses Breeze – a platforming game set on a beautiful tropical island that requires the player to transport fuel to a rocket ship – for demonstrating techniques. With the asset pack, you can explore the level yourself or use the assets however you wish. 

The following assets are included in the Breeze Asset Pack:

  • 20+ vegetation assets, including grass, bushes, and palm trees
  • 15 platforms of different sizes and designs
  • 10+ particle effects, including variations of wind, leaves falling, dragonflies, and birds
  • 7 kinds of rock
  • 6 Terrain Textures
  • 4 buildings
  • 3 water wave types
  • 2 boats
  • A Podium!
  • Fuel containers
  • Fluffy clouds
  • A Rocket Ship
  • Assorted audio files and triggers
  • Schematyc controlled camera to fly around the isle

This asset pack does not include the character featured in the series or the code. However, you can watch the series to learn how to import and create your own character to explore the island. 

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