CRYENGINE Launcher Update Nov 2nd
CRYENGINE Launcher Update Nov 2nd

CRYENGINE Launcher Update Nov 2nd

Today we are releasing a small update to the CRYENGINE Launcher that fixes a few issues reported by our users.

Release notes for CRYENGINE Launcher 1.5.24

We have added a "Contribute" button to the launcher, allowing users to contribute under our Pay What You Want business model from within the launcher.

Added some explanatory text to the issue reporting tool.

Sending in issues via the reporter tool now requires the user to actually enter text into the description and subject fields.

Fixed an issue with some text in news articles appearing greyed out, making it unreadable.

Fixed an issue where canceling a name change for a project would still save the new name.

Fixed an issue where the "My Assets" screen could get corrupted for users after making a purchase.

Known issues

You may have to log out and back into the launcher to trigger the update.

November 23, 2016 22:21

The Asset Browser/Content, will count with the Drag and Drop in Level/Maps?