Hunt: Showdown x Marvelous Designer Contest Winners!
Hunt: Showdown x Marvelous Designer Contest Winners!

Hunt: Showdown x Marvelous Designer Contest Winners!

Check out the winning entries from our Hunt: Showdown 3D Apparel Creation Contest, hosted by Marvelous Designer.

We had a fantastic response to our Hunt: Showdown 3D Apparel Creation Contest, hosted by Marvelous Designer, which challenged you to design and create hunter outfits and garments for a new Hunt character.  We want to thank everyone who entered such brilliant and diverse creative work. The panel of judges, artists from Crytek and Jae Hyung Park, the Head of the Marvelous Designer Team at CLO Virtual Fashion, had a fun but tough time choosing their favorites out entries from students, hobbyists, and game industry professionals from as far afield as India, Canada, and Brazil! 

Prizes were awarded across both the professional and amateur categories, and without further ado, here are your winners: 

Category: Amateur


First place: Shaafi Ahmed – “The Shikari”


“On the Indian subcontinent, Mir Alamgir is a veteran from a British special forces unit tasked with exploring folklore myths and eliminating monsters. After his squad fought to its near destruction, it was disbanded. But he continues the fight, hunting monsters and wraiths wherever they might be. Many say the concoctions he carries are captured Jinns and monsters. Others say they’re for incinerating evil energy. No one knows his real name; he is known only as “The Shikari.”

Second place: Ana Zlatkovic – “Victoria”


“Victoria once lived a comfortable, but self-centered existence. When her life was turned upside down by evil forces, her desire to regain control and restore her former lifestyle motivated her to join the hunt. To her surprise and satisfaction, it turned out she was a successful hunter. It gave her a new purpose. No longer would she fight to gain back what she had lost, but now she would fight for the common good.”


Third place: Christian Zollinger - “The Gentleman Fatal”



“The idea came to me while I was looking at an illustration of Major Grubert from The Airtight Garage. While looking at it, I thought about the contest and how there are no "classical" hunters in it. So I came up with the idea of a very posh and wealthy British safari hunter who has seen it all and has trophies of big game on his walls. Now he will set off to new shores, for new adventures, and to hunt even bigger trophies.”

Category: Professional


First place: Andrzej Rać – “Once a Wife”


“She was once a wife. She had a husband, Tom, and they lived on a large plot of land with two cats and a dog. Everything was perfect until it wasn't. One day at noon, she heard a scream coming from behind the barn. She knew immediately that it was her husband. Without a moment’s hesitation, she grabbed a Colt from the kitchen drawer and ran to help. She didn't find anything except Tom’s hat lying in a pool of blood, and strange tracks leading into the woods. Since that day, she's been on the hunt for her man, killing everything that stands in her way.”

Second place: Nilberto Tawata – “Huntress”


“Huntress is a mashup of a lot of 19th-century references. Strong, beautiful, and wise, she likes to wear beautiful clothes while she hunts monsters and enemies.”

Third place: John Miller – “Mother Russia (Xenia)”

 “Mother Russia (Xenia) is a Russian Princess and a witch who has come to join the hunt. Supernatural powers augment her hunting skills. These powers include night vision, thought perception, and increased speed. Her Kokoshnik (headdress) is adorned with pearls and talismans that protect her from dark forces and evil prey.”



Once again, we’d like to thank everyone for their entries. If you’re inspired to see what you can achieve with Marvelous Designer, check out their website for a free 30-day trial and see what you can create with their realistic cloth making program.

 ICYMI, you can still download our free asset pack from the CRYENGINE Marketplace containing everything you need to make Hunt garments, and you can check out our tutorial featuring a practical workflow to get you up and running. Pick up some tips and tricks from our interview with two of our community experts, and don’t forget that you can also join a community of cloth makers over on the Marvelous Designer Discord channel.  

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