Launcher & Roadmap update
Launcher & Roadmap update

Launcher & Roadmap update

In our on-going effort to increase transparency and keep the CRYENGINE community informed we go over the changes made to the public roadmap and today’s CRYENGINE launcher update.

First up is the CRYENGINE Launcher update 1.10.1-1. This update brings some minor aesthetic changes, such as changing the Royalty warning message when creating projects and some nice Quality of Life features including the ability to open projects in Visual Studio directly from the Launcher, and allowing you, the users, to specify the update interval of the CRYENGINE Launcher to get updates from us as often as you like.

For more information on the changes coming with this update, check out the CRYENGINE Launcher Release Notes page for 1.10.1-1 here.

Next we have a minor update to the CRYENGINE roadmap to better reflect the current development status and goals for 5.6 and beyond. In this update we see a feature pushed back to help keep 5.6 as stable as possible – namely the Animation: Attachment System Refactoring. But we also see some items moved into 5.6 – Specifically, the Area Lights Implementation, Improved Multiple View Rendering (Sandbox), and Inter-Entity Constraint Points Storage. As we strive to keep being as transparent as possible with our development goals and status of the engine we will continue to update the roadmap whenever significant changes come in.

For more information and a broader view of what to expect in the next release and beyond, check out the public CRYENGINE roadmap here.

As always, if you have any questions, comments or feedback regarding the Launcher, CRYENGINE or any other service drop us a comment here, via the forums, Facebook, Twitter or join us on Discord and chat directly with other CRYENGINE community enthusiasts and staff.


June 30, 2019 23:24

My team is anxious to get our hands on 5.6. We literally stopped 3/4 into our Game/VR project to wait for this release. Please help me prove to my dev team that CryEngine is still our #1 option!

June 28, 2019 19:51

Thanks for sharing your plans. It's always interesting to follow news about the engine.

June 28, 2019 05:49

i am waiting for it's release R&D for 5.6 gonna happy me :)

June 28, 2019 03:18

5.6 looks like a big step forward. Great work from Crytek.
Will 3ds max and maya tool get an update, too?