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Updated: This pack has been updated to prevent long loading stalls due to the Resource Compiler being invoked for every source asset. The source assets have been moved into a separate folder called "SourceAssets".

Deceit is a game that tests your instincts for trust and deception in the multiplayer first-person shooter from Automaton based around an asylum. The assets and source content provide you with everything you need to kit-bash your own scenes. Within this asset pack is all of the source content for each item, providing the ultimate in customization of props for your own project. The source content is provided in 3ds Max (.max) file format along with .tif files for asset texturing. This is a comprehensive and diverse pack which offers you a huge range of high quality assets to enjoy.


  • Atrium and Skylight

  • Bathroom Props

  • Numerous Doors and Doorframes

    • Cell Doors

    • Metal Gates

    • Exterior Door

    • Escape Hatch

  • Forest External Assets

    • Houses

    • Underground Paths

    • Drainage Pipes

    • Doors and Handrails

  • Modular Arctic Kit

    • Snow Mounds (6x)

  • Modular Antenna Kit

    • Satellite Dishes

    • Antenna Towers

    • Radar Ball

  • Lab Props

    • Cables and Desks

    • Fridges and Spinners

  • Graffiti Pack (30+)

    • Street Art

    • Chalk Drawings

      This pack was previously provided as part of the Humble CRYENGINE Bundle 2018, and we’re delighted to make them available to everyone for free, thanks to Automaton.

      If you haven’t played Deceit yet, treat yourself on Steam. And you can also check out Mavericks, Automaton’s new groundbreaking 1000 player Battle Royale game, built on CRYENGINE, at their website.

January 17, 2022

All Crytek assets are covered under the CRYENGINE Limited License Agreement

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