Terrain Example Pack

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Topic Game Design
Skill level Beginner
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This free asset pack includes three preset terrain examples, including height data. They can be imported into Sandbox to use in any project and you can adjust them for your needs.

This pack is released in conjunction with the free Environment Presets pack, which includes thirteen environment presets, and alongside our Environment Editor tutorial series, hosted by our Learning Manager, Brian Dilg.

Download both and learn how to create beautiful worlds in CRYENGINE by following along with the in-depth series either on YouTube or in written form on our documentation.

The following terrain example files are included in this pack:

• craters_2K.raw

Featuring huge craters set in a desolate landscape.

• magic_hour_low_clouds_4K.raw

An island that features steep mountains and a rugged valley.

• mountains_and_river_2K.raw

Dramatic mountains and deep valleys with a river and roads carved through them.

January 17, 2022

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