Wilderness Assets
by Crytek

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Compiled asset
Geometry Polygonal Quads-Tris
Polygon count N/A
Vertice count N/A
UV mapped
UV type Mixed
Zipped size 90.17MB
Unzipped size 90.17MB
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This project is available as a package of nature assets for your scenes in your game. It contains various versions of trees and grass. Along with the variation of standard weather and snow covered assets for a variety of scenery as the end result.

Created and prepared by Marika Speck of our content team within CRYENGINE.

All Crytek assets are covered under the CRYENGINE Limited License Agreement.

February 13, 2022
Newengine согласен,движок супер:)


September 19, 2021
Very Cry-like AAA asset!

Cry-like AAA assets! But I'm mainly here for honey-like photorealistic grasses! Thanks................!

January 02, 2018
Thank you.

Very good work.

July 09, 2017
Looks Great, quick question though.

Hey there everyone, I love this pack but I've been having some trouble with the trunks in that I can't see the trunk texture, is there anything that I could do to correct this?

March 23, 2017

It's soooooo gooood !!!! But I get Replace Me Texture on tree trunks .....pls help....

March 04, 2017

Thank you cryengine for beautyfull asset Thanks a lot

January 31, 2017

Люди я русский этот движок лучше всех

December 13, 2016


November 22, 2016
Just Perfect

This is just soo beautiful, !!!

copy paste the "ground" file into the "natural" file, under gameSDK\Object\natural
then open the editor,

work as object and vegetation,
perfect blending, beautiful color, and variety,

This kind of assets make the difference,

Thx soo much Crytek ,

November 21, 2016
Looks great, but...

sorry for the dumb question, but how can I insert these assets into my GAMESDK-file? with all the other assets came with a .pak (level-design-noob here)

Hope someone can help me. (yes, I did a google search and no, I couldn't find an answer :D )

January 14, 2022

All Crytek assets are covered under the CRYENGINE Limited License Agreement

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