Curiosity Rover (MSL) - Dirty

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Compiled asset
Geometry Polygonal
UV mapped
UV type Unknown
Zipped size 4.14MB
Unzipped size 9.40MB

Curiosity Rover (MSL) - (dirty)
Converted/optimized for CRYENGINE by WarpSpeed (



  1. September 2018

CRYENGINE 5.4, 5.5

This ia a true to scale 3D model of the
Curiosity Rover - Mars Science Laboratory (MSL).
Fitting textures are also included.


  1. Copy the folder "objects" (incl. subdirs) into your
    "GameSDK" directory (where the "levels" folder is located).

  2. Start your Sandboxeditor.

  3. Create or open an existing level.

  4. Via "Create Object" --> Brush --> "objects/4thdnet/chq_msl_dirty"
    drag and drop item "chq_msl_dirty.cgf" into your level.

  5. Now you should see the textured Curiosity Rover in your level.


The 3D model has no collision model (you can walk through).
The environment shown on the screenshots is not included.
Feel free to join our "oldschool" fanpage incl. forum at:
Of course you can also join us at Facebook:

Marco W. aka WarpSpeed = Converted/optimized for CRYENGINE
NASA / JPL-Caltech = 3D model & textures


This release is public domain, so long you give credit to its creator(s).
All objects, logos, trademarks and graphics in this package
are property of their respective owner(s).
This is a third party asset which has not been made nor is being maintained by Crytek.

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