"Dreaming" of Steam Greenlight

Some say dreams are the final frontier. An almost unknown universe that exists entirely in our own mind. A world we enter and experience each time we sleep. A world where anything and everything is possible, if we only imagine.

Prepare to enter Dreamingland.

"Dreaming" is a first person experience achieved with CRYENGINE, and utilizing a distinctive low-poly style and minimalistic gameplay. In this atmospheric and beautifully surrealistic game, you will journey to the Dreamingland, a world where dreams and reality meet, in the pursuit of a mysterious woman who calls you from beyond the horizon.
As you venture ever deeper into this realm, you will encounter puzzles, obstacles, otherworldly environments. But beware the Dark World, and what horrors may lie there...

"Dreaming" is currently on Steam Greenlight and needs your vote to continue moving forward! Keep an eye on their Steam page and project thread here for further updates.

Author: Tracer

  • Community
  • January 12, 2015

Spotlight: On Your Own

  • Community
  • January 15, 2015

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