Sign up for the latest news on the CRYENGINE Ambassador Program
Sign up for the latest news on the CRYENGINE Ambassador Program

Sign up for the latest news on the CRYENGINE Ambassador Program

The CRYENGINE Ambassador program is going to incentivize & encourage developers to participate in the CRYENGINE ecosystem and help it grow!

We talked about it on stream and in the live Q&As before and promised an update this summer. We do not have a definitive release date for the Ambassador Program yet, but here are some details about what you can look forward to:

What does a ‘CRYENGINE Ambassador’ stand for? 

An ambassador is a diplomatic figure that represents a cause, organization, or country officially or semi-officially in dedicated or public spaces. Ideally, an ambassador has a strong affiliation, vast knowledge, and passion for the cause they represent. They maintain a friendly aura and approachable mannerism while doing so. In our case, an ambassador for CRYENGINE actively helps to shape the ecosystem for the engine. An ambassador is anyone who contributes to CRYENGINE in a positive manner and is willing and able to promote the engine through their actions and expertise.  

What is the CRYENGINE Ambassador Program? 

The CRYENGINE Ambassador Program is intended to provide incentives for ambassadors and reward them for their contributions. We want to achieve together and ensure everyone feels welcome and cared for in the CRYENGINE community. Ambassadors play a vital role in achieving this goal in different ways. They can create cool showcases with their own games, help onboard new devs into the community, add content to the CRYENGINE ecosystem, and help maintain a friendly atmosphere on our community channels. 

What are the incentives for CRYENGINE Ambassadors? 

We are going to add new features to our website over time to add gamification objectives and create more spaces for the community to engage. You will be able to earn points and reach reward goals, even as a regular user. But as a CRYENGINE Ambassador, you will get the opportunity to help us bring new community features together and earn exclusive rewards like physical goodies, access to exclusive streams, and shared content. You may also get a chance to test the new engine and CRYENGINE Hub features early and help us make them even better. Your projects will be the first to benefit from new engine features and updates.

What does it take to be a CRYENGINE Ambassador? 

We are looking for people with a passion for the engine's past, present, and future development. You need a strong sense of community and a mindset to help others. Ambassadors will help us build upon the extensive CRYENGINE legacy and introduce a next-gen engine to a new generation of developers. 

There are several core areas in which you can classify as an Ambassador: 

  • Game Development
  • Teaching & Tutorials
  • Content Creation for the Asset Database
  • Community Volunteer Work
  • User Acceptance Testing

This is just the beginning and a non-exhaustive list of what is planned. The first step for anyone who would like to become a CRYENGINE Ambassador will be participating positively in the community!  

Where do I sign up? 

You can't sign up for the ambassador program just yet. The first wave of beta testers for the program will be hand-picked from the pool of people who express their interest by registering for our newsletter on the campaign page. By signing up, you will be the first to know once we have all criteria set up and are ready to receive your applications.

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