Celebrating your #AchievedWithCRYENGINE projects
Celebrating your #AchievedWithCRYENGINE projects

Celebrating your #AchievedWithCRYENGINE projects

You make it. We celebrate it. Check out some of our favorite work shared by the community in our new spotlight feature.

Every day people share their work with CRYENGINE on our social channels, from Facebook and Twitter to the forum, and of course, on our ever-popular official Discord channel. Game development isn't just about launching the finished project, but the journey too. We love that our online spaces have become places where devs and artists offer advice, feedback, encouragement, and praise for in-development projects, experimental pieces, and scenes created with the engine.

Developers all around the world choose CRYENGINE as their development home, and to celebrate that, we're shining a spotlight on some of the creations shared by the community. We love seeing your work, and we encourage you to share your projects with the #AchievedWithCRYENGINE hashtag on our channels so that we can feature them in future spotlights.

So without further ado, let's take a look at a few creations that have caught our team's eye... 

From Twitter, @gevorg_r  shared a beautifully composed, peaceful Lord of the Rings-inspired scene making full use of CRYENGINE's lighting features.


Sebastian Schulz created this haunting cyberpunk-style environment with incredible detail and lighting.


Relax with this stylized scene featuring grass blowing in the wind as the sun goes down, shared by Tobi.


There's a rover up on Mars already, but Make B-Lead Productions will transport you there themselves with their in-production Mars-based RPG. Check out this teaser image and give them a follow.


On our forum, a great place to interact with fellow devs, RudyCE shared these beautiful Winter scenes. What chilling secrets lay within? We'd love to explore it in a game... with a torch and a few weapons.


On Discord, Driguest posted this stylized art scene with great light and shadow work.


The car might have seen better days, but we the detail and the lighting in this forest, shared by Ribin745 on Discord.


We love this spooky scene from @RinSteiner on Twitter. We feel like there's a story waiting to be played here...


It might be spring, but we feel the icy chills from this stunning still created by Quantbrain and shared on Discord.


That's just a snapshot of some of the creations shared by the CRYENGINE community. And we plan to share more! If you'd like the spotlight shone on your work, use #AchievedWithCRYENGINE wherever you post your projects and scenes so we can check them out.

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