Announcing the CRYENGINE Community Gathering in Frankfurt, July 29th

Announcing the CRYENGINE Community Gathering in Frankfurt, July 29th

As part of our ongoing quest to work closer with our community of Cryengineers, we are happy to announce what will hopefully be the first of many CRYENGINE Community Gatherings, taking place here at our Frankfurt HQ on July 29th.

What is the CRYENGINE Community Gathering?
This event is an opportunity for CRYENGINE users and senior members of our development team to have a frank and open discussion about the engine’s past, present and future. We will give you a look at our roadmap, and want to hear your feedback about what you love about working with the engine, and where we need to do better to help you to achieve your vision. Afterwards, we will invite you all for some Lasertag fun (sorry, no Nanosuits provided), before finishing the evening with a dinner together.

When and where is the CRYENGINE Community gathering taking place?
On July 29th at 2pm at Crytek’s HQ in Frankfurt am Main, Germany

How can I participate?
Community members interested in attending the event can apply via this online form.
Depending on the number of applications, we may not be able to include all interested community members. Please note that Crytek does not cover any transportation or accommodation costs, which have to be covered by attendees themselves. Crytek will invite all attendees for Lasertag and Dinner.

We look forward to seeing you! 

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  • Cry-Nic

    Get rekt or rekkin' - that is the question. We are looking forward to it, too!

  • romahassanih

    Thats really amazing! :D I cannot wait to shoot you up with some Lasers people!

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