Best of Damian94's environmental art

Best of Damian94's environmental art

Today we want to highlight the art of Cryengineer Damian94 that he has been sharing with his fellow devs in the past year.

Damian "Damian94" Kijowski has had a thread on the forums for some time now, where he keeps sharing high quality art with the community. Actually, his art is so good that it really deserves a feature here on our website! Damian hasn't been using CRYENGINE for that long, but was able to overcome any early troubles with his extensive knowledge about level design and environemntal art instead.

Lately, Damian has put his focus on a medieval village and the surrounding forest areas. His ambitious plans for the map include not only more villages, but also full-blown keeps or castles. His inspiration comes from popular medieval fantasy settings like Thedas or the world of The Witcher.

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