Community Spotlight: District 255

Community Spotlight: District 255

Every week we bring you a sample of our favorite community games, levels and assets. CRYENGINE user Aevien's project focuses on simple but fun gameplay mechanics.

District 255 is a self-described "small project" by CRYENGINE user Aevien.

It's a simple game with a straightforward goal. On the hunt for artifacts, you must locate the eponymous Base 255D, staying wary of rival treasure seekers and other malefactors also searching the landscape.

Constructed entirely from stock CRYENGINE and community supplied assets, District 255 will feel familiar to some longtime CRYENGINE users, and Aevien has certainly created some impressive landscapes with this array of props.

Aeviens revealed he has also begun implementing a new inventory interface for the game:

Development of District 255 is still underway so be sure to check out his project thread with additional photos here.



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  • Unknown User

    wow,i love those shots,if C# independent and control all object with C# is possible,i can tell that CyEngine 5.1 is Custom Engine Like as S2Engine HD 1.4.6 , Unreal Engine 4.12 , Unity 5.3

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