Community Spotlight: Forgotten in Time

Community Spotlight: Forgotten in Time

Every week we bring you a sample of our favorite community games, levels and assets. Community member Peter Mindas has created an old and overgrown ruin piece in the middle of a forest that transports us to a land forgotten in time.

Peter submitted this project to his university a few days ago and shared it in our forums; we were all very happy with the overall quality of his work! It's a small level that is centered around ruins forgotten in time. He is using the stock forest assets surrounding a centerpiece custom made ruin, creating a calm atmosphere that could belong in a fantasy game. The level has nice, realistic lighting and natural colors.

Peter used 3dsMax to model the ruin, consisting of 14 modular low-poly pieces. By the looks of it, he is making good use of the hanging Ivy plants from the Ryse pack in the CRYENGINE Humble Bundle that ran in the weeks following GDC 2016.

Keep following Peter Mindas' project, he's going to keep working on this level in the future. Check out his thread here.

- Lavizh

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  • May 12, 2016

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  • May 17, 2016

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  • Aevien

    Great work! I realy like it!

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