Community Spotlight: Heathen by Frog Factory

Community Spotlight: Heathen by Frog Factory

Every week we bring you a sample of our favorite community games, levels and assets. Today we bring you a very big project from a very small team: Heathen by Frog Factory.

Hello Community,

Today we have something very different to show off in our Community Spotlight section!

The 'Heathen' game project is currently in development by two community members from France; they teamed up to form their game company Frog Factory roughly 2 years ago. They were inspired by H.G. Wells' novel "The Island of Doctor Moreau", a suspenseful Science Fiction story filled with gruesome genetic experiments and the creatures turning on their creator.

The two main developers are Manu, who is responsible for the level design, logics, menus and HUD while Piel handles the graphics, audio and the actual game story. Heathen will feature an action-packed Single Player adventure experience powered by CRYENGINE EaaS.

A third developer, Flav is helping out part-time with weapon and character design.

Plans are in motion for a Kickstarter campaign some time later this year, with a following Steam release. Backers will be able to play a Pre-Alpha release of Heathen after the crowdfunding is complete. We look forward to this as this project looks outstanding with such a small team size!

That's all for now! Be sure to check our the Heathen YouTube and website for more info.


We'll continue to follow the development of this game.

- Lavizh

  • Community
  • January 13, 2016

CRYENGINE 3.8.6 Hotfix

  • Crytek
  • January 15, 2016

What, no arms? Why you climb with your hands in The Climb


  • lavizh

    That is one sexy news article! :p

  • neverfollow81

    Bravo! This looks superb!

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