Community Spotlight: 'kyle98'

Community Spotlight: 'kyle98'

High School student Kyle Kauffman is a recent CRYENGINE user who has achieved impressive work in very short time.

Kyle Kauffman goes by 'kyle98' on the forums and started working on his Mountain only a couple of months ago. This is one of the first iterations of his map when he was just learning CRYENGINE:

He started using CRYENGINE in spring 2015, but it's worth mentioning he's also attending high school while learning game design and
modelling on his spare time.

Being a student and having limited time, he was concerned about not being able to work on his projects in his spare time, but in his words: "with such a great community, it was not too difficult to get a grasp on the engine". He uses Blender and is currently setting up the TOD and replacing all the vegetation with his custom models.

Kyle is now working closely with Resonance Gamez, which is a Japan-based project.

If you have any feedback and words of encouragement for Kyle, please drop by his forum thread!

- Lavizh 

  • October 08, 2015

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  • October 13, 2015

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